It pays to be an Amazon Teen. With an Amazon Teen login, teenagers between the ages of 13 and17 get access to exclusive perks and top picks in the United States for high schoolers—and they can browse and submit orders for parent approval.
Plus, teens can enjoy select Prime benefits, such as fast, free Prime delivery on millions of items. They can also access movies and TV shows on Prime Video, and digital bonuses with Prime Gaming. They can also shop top picks from their favorite influencers, get notifications for deals on items they love, and enjoy cool perks, including the chance to win monthly Amazon gift card giveaways, and more.
Have questions? Read on to learn how to share Amazon and Prime with your teen.

How do I sign my teen up?

Add your teen’s basic information (their name, month and year of birth, and phone number or email) and select the credit card and shipping address you’d like them to be able to use. From there, send them a link so they can create a username and password for their login. Once they complete this step, they can start shopping and streaming on Amazon, and you can keep your own shopping recommendations and content watchlists private and separate. Learn more about signing your teen up for Prime.

How do I approve orders?

Choose from email or text notifications to let you know when your teen places an order. Reply back with a “Y” text or review and approve the order from your Amazon account. Any order not approved within 48 hours will be automatically cancelled.

What if I don't want to approve orders every time?

No problem. You can easily set up spending limits for your teen. Determine a certain amount per order that doesn't require your approval. You’ll still receive an itemized notification when they order, but now they can take charge of ordering things like personal care products, school supplies, and clothes—on their own time.
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