We’re excited to introduce Amazon Style, our first-ever physical fashion store where customers can find a selection of women’s and men’s apparel, shoes, and accessories. Amazon Style brings together the best of shopping on Amazon—great prices, selection, and convenience—with an all-new in-store shopping experience built to inspire.
Customers can browse brands they know and love while also discovering new and emerging designers across hundreds of top brands throughout the store. Using the Amazon Shopping app, customers can send items to a fitting room, where they can use a touchscreen to browse more options, rate items, and request more sizes or styles that are delivered directly to their room within minutes. Amazon Style combines Amazon’s love of fashion with innovative technology and world-class operations to help customers find looks they’ll love.
The first Amazon Style store will open later this year at The Americana at Brand, a top shopping destination in greater Los Angeles. Here’s what customers can expect:

A new way to shop and discover

Amazon Style offers a seamless and elevated shopping experience. Using the Amazon Shopping app, customers simply scan an item’s QR code to see sizes, colors, overall customer ratings, and additional product details. With the tap of a button, shoppers can add the item to a fitting room or, if they don’t need to try it on, send it directly to the pickup counter. Amazon Style offers more selection than a traditional store of its size—more than double the number of styles—without requiring customers to sift through racks to find the right color, size, and fit. Instead, Amazon Style features display items, bringing more looks and less clutter to in-store shopping.
Amazon Style is built around personalization. Our machine learning algorithms produce tailored, real-time recommendations for each customer as they shop. As customers browse the store and scan items that catch their eye, we’ll recommend picks just for them. For an even more tailored experience, customers can share information like their style, fit, and other preferences to receive more refined recommendations. Even shopping for deals is personalized and convenient—customers can easily view deals in store that match their preferences right in the Amazon Shopping app.
Personal styling used to be expensive and feel exclusive, but with Amazon Style’s sophisticated technology, unique store design, and thoughtful curation, we’ve made it easier than ever for customers to discover items they’ll look and feel great in.

A reimagined fitting room

Amazon Style completely reimagines what’s possible in the fitting room, turning it into a personalized space where customers can continue to shop a seemingly endless closet of great styles. When a shopper enters their fitting room, they will find the items they requested while browsing the store, plus additional options chosen based on their preferences.
Customers can continue shopping from their fitting room without having to leave. Using the touchscreen, they can rate items to get new picks in real time and request more styles and sizes to be delivered to their fitting room closet in just minutes. This fast delivery is made possible by Amazon Style’s on-site operations, with advanced technologies and processes used in Amazon fulfillment centers.

Hundreds of brands and thousands of styles under one roof

Amazon Style offers unmatched selection using the expertise of fashion curators and feedback provided by millions of customers shopping on Amazon.com. Shoppers will find great looks at a broad range of prices, including trend-inspired pieces at affordable price points and sought-after styles that will become wardrobe staples. With Amazon’s vast fulfillment center network, selection at Amazon Style will be frequently updated so customers can discover new items each time they visit. From customer favorites and Amazon exclusives to brands that are new and noteworthy, we’re thrilled to make these styles available for customers to touch, try on, and take home.
An image showing what the Amazon Style store will look like.

The best of shopping in store and online

Amazon Style offers Amazon’s wide selection of fashion, the convenience of seeing and trying on items, and the same great prices found on Amazon.com. Here are some of the ways we’ve made it easy to shop, whether in store or online:
  • Discover in store, buy online. In addition to Amazon Style’s wide selection of items available for in-store purchase, customers can easily find and shop more styles online.
  • Keep shopping after you leave the store. Items scanned at Amazon Style are conveniently saved in the Amazon Shopping app, making it easy to revisit and purchase at a later time or easily find more items online from the new brands discovered in the store.
  • Shop millions of items online, try on in store. Customers can shop millions of apparel items on Amazon.com, request delivery to Amazon Style, and try on items in a fitting room. If an item isn't perfect, customers can return it in store and we'll take care of the rest.
  • Great prices. Amazon is known for great prices, and Amazon Style is no exception. In-store prices will be the same as on Amazon.com. Plus, customers can view deals in store that match their preferences right in the Amazon Shopping app.
We’re excited to introduce customers to Amazon Style’s personalized shopping experience. Stay tuned for a chance to get a sneak peek when we invite select customers to experience the store before opening later this year. Visit the Amazon Style page to learn more.


When will you open to the public?
Stay tuned – Amazon Style will open later this year.
Why are you opening a clothing store?
We obsessed over designing a shopping experience focused on helping customers find great looks, and it led us to create Amazon Style. We’re so excited to offer a shopping experience that inspires discovery and combines the best of shopping on Amazon.com with the benefit of touching and trying on items to ensure a great fit.
What kind of technology is used in this store?
Our physical retail team built several new technologies that work together to make it effortless for customers to discover items they’ll look and feel great in. This includes Amazon Style’s mobile shopping experience within the Amazon Shopping app and fitting room touchscreens, enabling customers to learn more about items they scan and to discover new brands as they shop. With Amazon Style’s advanced machine learning algorithms, we provide customers with personalized recommendations that match budget, fit, and style. Amazon Style uses the same technologies and processes as Amazon’s fulfillment centers to store more items that can be delivered from back-of-house to a customer within minutes. Other innovations that enable the experience include new complex inventory management systems, new technology to support customer service, and Amazon One, which is our palm recognition service, for fast and convenient checkout.
What will employees be doing in the store?
Amazon Style’s personalized shopping experience would not be possible without our employees, who are dedicated to helping customers find looks they love and feel great in. Our employees provide customer service, deliver items to fitting room closets, merchandise the store to inspire discovery, help customers at checkout, manage back-of-house operations, and much more.