Amazon opened the doors to a first-of-its-kind store in Los Angeles last year. Amazon Style is the company’s first physical fashion store, and it offers a unique shopping experience where customers use their phones to find sizes, get personalized recommendations, start a fitting room, and even pay. The store also offers pickup and return services for items ordered online, and a discount when you bring in new or gently used clothing to donate to local charities. Though apparel makes up the majority of the selection, the products featured at Amazon Style run the gamut, including everything from skincare to home goods and athletic gear.
There are now two Amazon Style locations, including the newest store in Columbus, Ohio, and while the in-store experience offers the opportunity to try things on, shoppers who don’t live near an Amazon Style store can preview the selection online.
I was recently in Los Angeles and made a point of stopping by the original store to get the full, in-person experience. Keep reading to find out what it’s like to shop at the Amazon Style store.
Amazon Style is located in The Americana at Brand in Glendale, California. The shopping complex itself was so beautiful, I had to stop to grab a few photos on my way to the store.
Joshua Archer, an employee at Amazon Style in Los Angeles, greeted me as I walked through the doors. He explained that I would use my phone to scan items for more information and to add them to my fitting room—no searching for sizes or toting around piles of clothes.
An image of an Amazon Style store employee waving at the camera in the entryway of the store.
Once I had all the information I needed to start shopping, I excitedly made my way into the store. The first thing I noticed was the huge variety of products. Everything is beautifully organized by category, style, and brand, which made it easy to navigate. I also noticed there were two floors—one with all the merchandise and a row of fitting rooms, and a second with additional space for fitting rooms.
After a quick lap, I zeroed in on a few sections. First, the jeans. I’d been wanting a pair of straight-legged jeans like the cool kids are wearing, but couldn’t find the right pair at other stores. As luck would have it, Amazon Style conveniently categorized its jeans selection by cut, and I found a few contenders to try on.
An image of a wall of jeans at the Amazon Style store. The jeans are sectioned off with labels that read "straight," "bootcut," and "wide leg."
I used my phone camera to scan the QR codes for several pairs of jeans. After each scan, a link appeared that took me to the Amazon app where I could pick my size and add each item to a fitting room.
My fitting room was ready about 10 minutes later, and I continued shopping in the meantime. I found a faux leather blazer from Steve Madden, a knit top from The Drop, and a silky Amoreto dress to add to my room. One cool thing I noticed is that the store offered a variety of price ranges. There were a few faux leather blazers at a higher price range, but I was able to find the one I wanted at a slightly lower cost—score!
I wasn’t in the market for shoes, but my eye was drawn to this gorgeous display. Particularly the boots in wild patterns. I’m still dreaming about those cow-print platform boots. Fortunately, I scanned the QR code and saved the link so I can buy them from later!
A display of shoes on a wall in the Amazon Style store. There are several low-heeled sandals and colorful boots.
I also took a moment to appreciate some of the artful displays of fitness gear, graphic tees, and home goods.
The store even had extensive selections for beauty, skincare, and jewelry, along with sleek shopping baskets to stow all of your finds. I scoped out some products then picked them up when I was ready to check out a bit later.
Once I’d sufficiently scanned every section, I was ready to try on some things. I opened up the Amazon Shopping app to check on the status of my fitting room. Behind the scenes,employees had already started adding my items to a room and I made my way there when it was ready.
An animated GIF showing employees wheel clothing into an elevator and to a second level of the store where they place it onto shelves.
I followed the neon lights up the stairs to my room on the second floor.
An image of a set of stairs in the Amazon Style store. There is a neon sign on a wall behind the stairs that says "This way to rooms 18-40"
When the room was ready, I was able to unlock it with my phone.
An image of a hand holding a phone. On the screen you can see a pop up that says the room is ready.
There was a small closet setup in the room where the clothing I chose was neatly hung up and folded. The store’s recommendation algorithm even selected a few additional options for me to try on. There was a large touchscreen on the wall that showed me everything in my room along with additional items I could request. It kind of reminded me of Cher’s incredible closet in the movie Clueless. I loved it.
An image of a closet inside a fitting room. There are several items hung up and folded on the shelves and racks.
It turns out, I didn’t know my size in pretty much anything. Fortunately, requesting a new size was easy. I found the jacket on the touchscreen and requested a new size—twice, actually.
An image inside the fitting room at the Amazon Style store in Los Angeles.
The touchscreen also used an algorithm to offer suggestions for similar styles to try on. I selected a long-sleeved bodysuit from the recommendations, entered my size preferences, and requested to have it sent to my room.
A hand selects an option on a touch screen to send more items to the fitting room.
After trying on a few pairs of jeans, my hunt for the perfect straight-legged pair was a success. The bodysuit selected by the algorithm and the faux leather blazer completed the ‘90s movie star look of my dreams.
A woman takes a selfie in a new outfit inside the Amazon Style fitting room.
I loved the silky dress, but I didn’t want to wrinkle it in my suitcase on the way home to Austin. I saved the link and bought it online later.
An image inside the fitting room at the Amazon Style store in Los Angeles.
Once I made my selections, I hit a button on the touchscreen to finish up, stacked the items I didn’t want, then headed back downstairs to the checkout with the items I wanted to purchase.
An image of a hand tapping the option to close the fitting room on a touch screen on the wall.
All those fitting-room selfies wore out my phone’s battery, so I added a portable charger to my pile of purchases on the way to the cashier. The store also lets you borrow a charger for free if you ask an associate. I was glad Amazon Style thought about how helpful it might be to have a charger on a busy shopping day—I clearly hadn’t.
I pulled up the in-store shopping code in my Amazon Shopping app and scanned it to pay using the card attached to my Amazon account. The store also accepts standard forms of payment, but this was super easy since I already had my phone out.
An image of a hand holding a phone. There is a QR code on the phone screen.
The cashier placed all my purchases neatly in the bag with matching tissue paper on top.
An image of a cashier folding a pleather blazer. There is an Amazon Style bag next to him on the counter where he will place the clothing once it's folded.
I pulled out the charger and revived my phone quickly enough to call a rideshare and head back to my hotel.
An image of a hand holding a phone with a portable charger attached.
To wrap things up with a happy ending, the new outfit I found with help from the cool tech at Amazon Style was the perfect attire for the Amazon Music Live concert I attended that night in Los Angeles.
An image of the experience described above
There are two locations you can visit to check out the award-winning Amazon Style experience yourself: one located in The Americana at Brand in Glendale, California and the other at Easton Town Center in Columbus, Ohio. Check out store information and hours at the bottom of this page. If you’re not in the Los Angeles or Columbus areas, you can still shop the store’s selection online.