We’ve all missed that opportunity to send a friend or loved one a gift because we didn’t have their address. Or maybe we wanted to spare them the hassle of returning a gift if it wasn’t quite what they wanted.
Amazon just launched a new feature that allows Prime members to instantly send gifts from their mobile devices, simply by providing the recipient’s email or mobile phone number.

How it works

Prime members can browse millions of products available to gift on the Amazon Shopping app, and once they find the right gift and add it to their cart, they select “Add a gift receipt for easy returns” and proceed to check out. When choosing the delivery address, Prime members will now see a new option to “Let the recipient provide their address.” They can then enter the recipient’s email or mobile number.
The recipient receives a gift message—by email or text—that allows them to accept the gift, and then enter their preferred delivery address from their Amazon account.
And while it’s the thought behind a gift that counts, recipients also have the option of exchanging the item for an Amazon gift card. They can then use the card to purchase something else—without having to notify the gift giver.
This new feature will start to roll out to all Prime members in the U.S. shopping from their mobile device beginning October 4.
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