On June 14, Amazon will premiere This Is Small Business, a new podcast that pulls back the curtain on pivotal moments in the journey to success for small business owners across the U.S. Each new episode focuses on the most pressing challenges small business owners have faced, and how they learned from—and conquered—them on their path to scaling up.
Podcasting has continued to grow in importance as an educational medium for busy entrepreneurs in the U.S., and this new series will complement Amazon’s existing investments in small business education by delivering tangible, inspiring learnings on-the-go. More than half of the products sold on Amazon come from small and medium-sized businesses and we’re excited to help these small business owners tell their stories through this new podcast.
Listening to the challenges that other small business owners are going through helps us not feel alone and makes the journey of building a small business even more exciting.

Stefan Miller

Co-founder of Young King Hair Care
“Small businesses are our customers too, and we remain committed to investing in their success at every stage of their entrepreneurial journey, including through educational resources that meet them where they are,” said Keri Cusick, director of Amazon’s Small Business Empowerment team. “Podcasts offer a unique and powerful opportunity to expand access to education and community, and we’re excited to launch This Is Small Business as a new way to offer entrepreneurs inspiration, education, and connection.”
Hosted by Amazon podcast producer Andrea Marquez, This Is Small Business is delivered through the unique perspective of a curious millennial trying to figure out what it takes to be a successful small business owner. To understand every challenge fully, Marquez will also reach out to industry experts who will offer trend analysis, life lessons, and different points of view. Listeners will hear authentic and diverse stories that highlight what it means to forge your own path in the world of business today.
“It’s inspiring to listen to real stories about small business owners who are in the thick of it,” said Marquez. “Not only does it take a lot of work, you have to truly believe in your business, and be passionate about your customer and the need you’re trying to meet. I think small business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs will relate to these stories because, even though they’re all different, all business owners are trying to figure out similar challenges along the way, and can learn from each other.”
“Listening to the challenges that other small business owners are going through helps us not feel alone and makes the journey of building a small business even more exciting,” said Stefan Miller, co-founder of Young King Hair Care, one of the brands featured in Season One.
This Is Small Business’ first season will consist of 12 episodes that address the hottest topics raised by today's aspiring entrepreneurs and small business owners. New episodes drop every two weeks. Listeners are sure to relate to the questions guests have struggled with, including knowing when it’s time to lean into your side hustle and scale up, the best ways that a small business can stand out among the competition, and how to attract the right talent.
Each episode concludes with solid, actionable lessons and listeners will have the opportunity to be part of the show by providing feedback, submitting questions, and suggesting topics by emailing thisissmallbusiness@amazon.com.
The first episode features Max and Jen Ash, a teenager and his mom who started their small business, MAX’IS Creations, 10 years ago when Max had the idea that “we should all be able to play with our food!” Max and Jen talk about the pivotal moments leading up to scaling their side hustle and the episode features industry expert Verne Harnish, founder and CEO of Scaling Up. Episode Two features small business owner Eva Jane, founder and owner of The Makeup Bullet, who talks about her experiences running a small business in the beauty industry. Jane’s episode features industry expert Chelsea Whittington, CEO of C. Whitt Public Relations.
The first two episodes of This is Small Business launch on Tuesday, June 14 and will be available to listen on Amazon Music, Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, or wherever you get your podcasts. Listen to the trailer and subscribe to This is Small Business.