The many small businesses selling and thriving in Amazon’s store are at the heart of their local communities across the U.S., and the backbone of our economy. Amazon continues to celebrate, spotlight, and empower small businesses and other independent sellers during Prime Day, and all year long. In fact, last year, independent sellers, most of which are small and medium-sized businesses, had the biggest Prime Day event ever.
This Prime Day, members in the U.S. can shop more deals on small business products than ever before and discover some of the best small business deals of the year. There’s no better time than Prime Day to support the small businesses that provide a vast selection of amazing products, competitive prices and deals, and convenience for customers.

Here are three ways to find and support small businesses in Amazon’s store this Prime Day.

1. Shop some of the best small business deals of the year

Visit to support small businesses and save big on incredible products. Members can shop the curated collection of small business deals from a variety of unique sellers, who bring an unmatched selection of products to our store.

2. Look for the Small Business badge

As part of our commitment to the success of small businesses, we’ve made it easier than ever for customers to discover their products in our store. While shopping, customers can look out for the Small Business badge on product detail pages and within search results to easily identify products from small businesses and artisans selling in Amazon’s store.

3. Try out the new Small Business Search filter

New for Prime Day shopping, members can now filter their searches to find products from small businesses with the new Small Business Search filter, making it easier than ever to discover and support eligible products from small businesses selling in Amazon’s store. The new search option allows customers to filter their searches to discover products only from small business brands and artisans while shopping in our store. The filter can be found under the “Business Type” category in the search filter options when a customer’s search results include eligible products from small business brands.

Meet some of the small businesses you can support during Prime Day

Feeling inspired? Get to know five of the many small businesses with Prime Day deals, and plan to snag this summer’s top products.

The Honey Pot Company, Atlanta, GA

A photo of Bea Dixon, CEO and co-founder of The Honey Pot Company.Bea Dixon, CEO and co-founder of The Honey Pot Company.
CEO and co-founder Bea Dixon created The Honey Pot Company after an ancestor visited her in a dream, gifting her with a vision to heal herself. The Honey Pot Company is a Black-owned, feminine-care line powered by herbs. Its clinically tested, plant-derived washes and wipes have disrupted the feminine-care space and made The Honey Pot Company a viral success. While the Honey Pot Company has sold in Amazon’s store for many years, they’ve recently joined Amazon’s Black Business Accelerator, which is dedicated to helping build sustainable growth for Black-owned businesses and is backed by a $150 million commitment over four years.
“We are excited to offer our product lineup for our first-ever Prime Day this year. We always want to show up where people shop, and learning how to expand our reach in Amazon’s store continues to provide access to efficacious, plant-derived feminine care solutions to a global customer base,” Dixon said. “We were just accepted into Amazon’s Black Business Accelerator and look forward to the new opportunities the program will give us in the coming months.”
Save up to 26% off of The Honey Pot Company products during Prime Day.


A photo of Sarah Paiji Yoo, founder of BLUELAND Sarah Paiji Yoo, founder of BLUELAND.
Founded by Sarah Paiji Yoo, BLUELAND offers an extensive line of cleaning, laundry, and personal care products that are plastic-free and refillable. This women- and Asian American-owned business created products that have helped eliminate over one billion single-use plastic bottles from landfills and oceans since 2019.
“After launching in Amazon’s store only one month prior to Prime Day in 2022, we were able to leverage the increased traffic and acquisition to accelerate our growth for the rest of the year," said Paiji Yoo.
“Last year, we saw a 4x lift in overall sales on Prime Day, which we were able to use as a launching point for our plastic-free Toilet Cleaner. Over the next two months, we saw weekly sales for this product increase 500%─and it’s now one of our most successful lines in Amazon’s store.”
Save up to 30% off of BLUELAND products during Prime Day.

Balanced Tiger, Miami, FL

Adriano Bordoli and Jack Gorman, co-founders of Balanced Tiger.Jack Gorman and Adriano Bordoli, co-founders of Balanced Tiger.
Created by Adriano Bordoli and Jack Gorman to restore ancient balance to the “modern over-stimulated mind and under-stimulated body,” Balanced Tiger provides your daily dose of functional mushrooms in an absurdly delicious plant protein bar. The bars serve a range of functions, including focus, immunity, balance, and energy.
“Amazon has done a remarkable job in leveling the playing field for lean startups like ours. Last year, just five months into selling with Amazon, we were able to triple our daily sales by participating in Prime Day. We have been able to reach a quantity of consumers that we never imagined possible,” said Bordoli.
Save up to 55% off of Balanced Tiger products during Prime Day.

Ghia, Los Angeles, CA

A photo of Melanie Masarin, founder and CEO of Ghia.Melanie Masarin, founder and CEO of Ghia.
Created by founder and CEO Melanie Masarin, Ghia is a spirits-free aperitif adapted for modern times. Inspired by summers in the Mediterranean, where afternoon “aperitivo” is a way of life, Ghia was born of the idea that sharing special moments with loved ones doesn't always have to involve alcohol. As seen on Shark Tank, Ghia has also expanded to offer premixed spritzes in three craveable flavors, and even a hazelnut spread that’s perfect for drizzling.
“Amazon has made it easy to get Ghia into the hands of non-drinkers and drinkers alike, to be shared during moments that need an extra festive touch. With Prime especially, customers get to enjoy their Ghia quickly even if we're not (yet) at their local bottle shop,” said Masarin. “This will be our very first Prime Day, and we couldn't be more excited to participate. It's incredible visibility for a small business like ours, and we can hopefully get Ghia in the hands of more people.”
Save up to 20% off of Ghia products during Prime Day.

Windmill, New York, NY

A photo of the co-founders of Windmill.The co-founders of Windmill.
CEO and co-founder Michael Mayer is reinventing the air conditioning industry with today’s needs in mind, while making his grandpa Tony proud. Windmill Air AC units provide a sleek design and whisper-quiet technology, prioritizing better urban living—plus the ability to control your AC from anywhere with an app.
“Windmill was started by a couple of brothers and a best friend with a big dream to make a better product with a better customer experience, but the only reason we can compete with the largest appliance companies in the world is because of support from the Amazon community and our customers nationwide,” said Mayer. “Now it’s our first Prime Day as a brand, and we can’t wait to share our story, brand, and products with millions of Prime Day shoppers!”
Save up to 28% off of Windmill products during Prime Day.

To learn more about how Amazon is helping U.S. small businesses thrive, check out our recently published 2022 Small Business Empowerment Report, which highlights the success of independent sellers in Amazon’s store and the innovations and partnerships helping drive their growth.
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