In my 10-year career here at Amazon, I’ve had a lot of firsts. But this week’s first is particularly special: I had the pleasure of hosting more than a thousand entrepreneurs and small business owners at our first-ever US seller summit, Boost with FBA.

Amazon is a big company; but what many don’t realize is that we’re a big company that enables a plethora of small business owners to take a chance, pursue a passion and thrive. In fact, half the items sold on Amazon are from small businesses and entrepreneurs. And that’s what Boost by FBA is all about: helping these creative, passionate entrepreneurs and small business owners learn more about the tools and services Amazon offers so they can grow their business in their neighborhood and around the world.


One theme I’ve heard repeated at Boost is flexibility. From a college student who started a business out of his dorm room to a mother who invented a new product to a military wife who started a business that could move with her and her husband, all have called out flexibility as one of greatest benefits Amazon and FBA offers. By taking the time-consuming hassle of packing, shipping and customer service off these entrepreneurs’ hands, they’re able to dedicate their work hours to improving existing products, creating new products, and expanding into new global marketplaces. And the other hours of the day? They’re able to spend with their loved ones, or in the student’s case, studying.

I’m honored to have spent the day with such inspiring entrepreneurs and look forward to creating even more tools and services that will empower them—and future entrepreneurs—to create products they and our customers love and a business that is emotionally and financially fulfilling.