At Amazon, we remain committed to our ambitious plan to reach net-zero carbon—and our goals are driven by science. We measure our carbon emissions in order to understand and reduce them—and we’ll continue to be transparent and share our progress in our annual Sustainability Report, which also includes details on how we measure carbon.
In 2020, Amazon committed to setting voluntary targets with the Science Based Target initiative (SBTi). Since then, SBTi’s requirements for submission changed, and new methodologies have begun to be developed. Amazon is among hundreds of organizations that received an extension on their original deadline to submit due to these ongoing changes.
We have continued to work with SBTi throughout this time to determine appropriate submission guidelines and methodologies for complex businesses like Amazon, however it remains difficult for us to submit in a meaningful and accurate way. We will continue to work with SBTi to establish a path forward for submission, and we believe there’s a role to play for organizations like theirs. We’re also not pulling back or slowing down—in tandem to this ongoing work with SBTi, we’ll also seek to set science-based targets with other organizations and credible third-party validators.
And, as we’ve done from the beginning, we’ll also continue to work with leaders on our teams and in the climate space to make target-setting tools and standards more available, adaptable, and actionable across multiple industries.