Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center recently offered their world-renowned leaders on infectious disease and cancer research to answer employee questions about COVID-19.

Mike Clayville, an AWS vice president, introduces us to Dr. Thomas J. Lynch Jr., Dr. Trevor Bedford, Dr. Julie Overbaugh, and Dr. Steve Pergam to recount their unique experiences working on the frontline of this pandemic. A bit more about our panel in the video above:

Dr. Thomas J. Lynch Jr., Fred Hutch’s president and director and holder of the Raisbeck Endowed Chair, is a highly respected oncologist and scientist known around the world for his pioneering role in precision medicine. He joined Fred Hutch on February 1 and has guided the organization’s response to the pandemic (from home) with urgency, compassion, and a commitment to sparking scientific solutions.

Dr. Trevor Bedford is an evolutionary computational biologist at the forefront of tracking the COVID-19 virus. His expertise and the software tool he co-developed, Nextstrain, have been instrumental in understanding and slowing the spread of the disease in Washington state and beyond—and have earned him a quarter-million followers on Twitter.

Dr. Julie Overbaugh has turned her expertise in HIV to study the immune system’s response to coronaviruses and inform the development of vaccines and diagnostics for COVID-19. A beloved mentor and holder of the Chair for Graduate Education at Fred Hutch, she is also committed to training the next generation of scientists.

Dr. Steve Pergam is an infectious disease researcher at Fred Hutch and medical director of infection prevention at Seattle Cancer Care Alliance. Dubbed the “Miss Manners of Social Distancing” by The Seattle Times, he’s played a critical role advising policymakers in ways to protect patients, caregivers, and the community.

Amazon Care, a new healthcare pilot for Amazon employees and their families in the Greater Seattle Area, was a sponsor of this event.