Today, we unveiled our 40th Amazon Air plane, named in honor of the Amazon military community – the 18,000 veterans, military spouses, and citizen soldiers who help Amazon deliver on behalf of customers, every day.

The new aircraft will be known as "Valor" – a name chosen by our employee affinity group Warriors@Amazon. Amazon Founder and CEO Jeff Bezos formally unveiled the aircraft at an event in Long Beach with more than 100 members of our military community.

In addition to naming our 40th Amazon Air plane in honor of our military community, we also announced that we’ll be expanding the Amazon Veteran Technical Apprenticeship program to 1,000 apprentices and broadening the program to include military spouses. Since launching in 2017, we’ve trained more than 150 veterans in cloud computing skills – providing on-the-job, paid apprenticeships for service members to seamlessly upskill, and transition into high-demand tech roles.

Jeff Bezos unveils unveils 40th Amazon Air plane, honoring the Amazon military community.
Amazon Founder and CEO Jeff Bezos unveils 40th Amazon air plane—named Valor in honor of our military community.
Ardine Williams and Sarah Rhoads stand in front of the newest Amazon Air plane, speaking to a crowd. The plane's official name is covered, soon to be unveiled by Jeff Bezos.
Ardine Williams, VP of People Operations, and Sarah Rhoads, director of Amazon Air, address over 100 Amazon veterans and military spouses.
Jeff Bezos stands at a podium in front of the crowd, announcing the newest Amazon Air plane, Valor. Behind him stand Sarah Rhoads and Ardine Williams. The Amazon Air plane is behind them, and to their right are several flags.
 Founder and CEO Jeff Bezos surprised the audience.
A man in marching band uniform, stands in front of a 767 turbine engine.
 A local marching band kicked off the event.
Three people engage in a conversation at the celebration honoring military associates at Amazon.
 Amazon Warriors enjoy the festivities.

And to ensure we continue to provide a strong community for our military veterans and spouses, we’ll be expanding our employee affinity group Warriors@Amazon. In the coming weeks, we’ll be launching our 100th chapter. These Warriors@Amazon communities help new military hires navigate the civilian workforce, provide a network of support to families with members on leave, create opportunities to give back to other service members, and provide a place for veterans to seek fellowship.

We are proud to be a leading tech employer of military talent, and are grateful to veterans everywhere for their service.