Amazon is celebrating Women’s History Month by recognizing women who are embracing—and creating—equity. Our #SheIsAmazon series spotlights women at Amazon who have pushed past barriers to achieve their dreams while lifting up others along the way.

In the sixth installment in the series, we introduce Laura Jones, a Delivery Service Partner (DSP) based out of Pontiac, Michigan.

Tell us about yourself and your role at Amazon.

I'm an Amazon Delivery Service Partner (DSP) in Michigan. My son, Marquese (“Quese”), was 26 years old when he passed away from glioma. Quese had been fighting cancer since he was 16 years old and was cancer-free in 2019. However, it came back in April 2020 and took his life in February 2021. Before he passed away, Quese had a dream of becoming an Amazon DSP owner. He showed me the application and talked about how he thought it would not only be a great job opportunity, but a way to truly bring smiles to our community.

A black and white image of an Amazon employee.

I employ more than 55 drivers, and I truly see them as my extended family. I understand that their livelihoods depend on my business. I do everything I can to connect with them on a personal level, create giveaways for the best drivers, cook them homemade meals, and so on. A few of my former drivers are now Amazon operations managers, and I’m proud to have supported them to get where they are today.

After Quese passed, I remembered his dream and researched how to become a DSP. I applied, went through various interviews, and was finally accepted in late 2021. My Day 1 at Amazon was April 26, 2022, and I’m about to celebrate my first anniversary. I called my DSP “ALM Freight”—ALM stands for “Always Loving Marquese.” I treat my business and my team of drivers how I treat my family: leading by example, listening, supporting, and having high expectations.

Women across Amazon embody this year’s global International Women’s Day theme, #EmbraceEquity. Meet six of them below.

The theme for International Women’s Day is #EmbraceEquity. What does that mean to you?

Embracing equity is actionable to me. Recognizing inequities within our communities leads to their exposure but doesn't exclusively fuel resolution. Once identified, it is our job to actively set our intention to restore the imbalance by invoking fairness and impartiality. Change occurs in this stage, and this is where the real work begins for us all.

What advice would you like to share with women and other people reading this story?

Take a moment and look around you ... what you see are your thoughts manifested. If you don't like what you see, change your thinking.

Who is the woman or person you look up to most?

Fellow author, motivational speaker, actress, Christian media personality, and evangelist Priscilla Shirer.

How would you like the world to see you?

I am a woman who has overcome many of life's challenges. I am a survivor. I am a victor and not a victim. My faith is the foundation that yields my philanthropy in assisting those who had and are facing similar struggles. I desire to inspire those distressed by their circumstances, who, like me, used to say, “There has to be more to my life.” I'm genuinely passionate about helping others discover their happy place.

Laura Jones wearing a pink jumpsuit and holding a tablet while talking to two Amazon employees who are showing their backs.

My book, Allow Me To Reintroduce Myself: 7 Keys to Rebuilding Self-Esteem for a Happier Life, was birthed out of my life experiences, which ultimately led me to uncover a true legacy for my children: healing, happiness, and hope. I believe each of us has something to offer in this world—whether it's a kind word that will encourage a stranger, a smile that is so infectious that it turns a frown upside down, a hug that radiates God's love to a child or the wounded, or an offer of forgiveness that sets you free. Believing these simple acts of kindness can change the world is not a fallacy. I implore you to make a difference in a stranger's life today.

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