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Images of Amazon's Seattle, Washington, campus, in both the downtown and South Lake Union neighborhoods.
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  • How Amazon’s employees help drive sustainability

    At Amazon locations around the world, employees bring their energy and focus to initiatives that amplify and deliver on our company’s ambitious sustainability goals. Our employees find opportunities to lead and collaborate on such projects via Amazon Sustainability Ambassadors—a voluntary employee program that helps expand efforts by our global teams who work directly on managing our environmental and social impacts.

  • Sustainable products from Amazon

    Amazon strives to be Earth’s most customer-centric company, which means giving our customers access to the sustainable products they want. We regularly seek ways to reduce our environmental impact and provide more information about the products we sell.

  • Mechanisms for prioritizing our work

    At Amazon, we take a science-based, customer-centric approach to sustainability. We use a structured lifecycle assessment model to measure and map environmental hotspots across our value chain. We also have conducted a sustainability materiality assessment to identify the most significant environmental and social topics across our business.

  • Key commitments

    We are committed to assessing our impact and focusing our efforts in the following key areas.

  • Sustainability partnerships

    Many of the cross-cutting sustainability issues that we prioritize at Amazon are enhanced through partnerships and collaborative initiatives with credible, knowledgeable, and innovative industry partners. Examples of these groups include:

  • How we enable sustainability for customers

    Amazon has set ambitious goals to make our business more sustainable on behalf of customers. Part of our commitment to both sustainability and customers includes making it easier for everyone to participate in making a positive impact on the planet and society. If you want to join us in supporting local communities and reducing your environmental footprint, here are a few easy ways to get started.

  • ASDI data catalog overview

    The Amazon Sustainability Data Initiative offers several sustainability-oriented datasets through the AWS Public Dataset program. For additional details on this data and technical guidance on how to access it, please visit the Registry of Open Data on AWS (RODA). If you want to get involved, please email sustainability-data-initiative@amazon.com.

  • Sustainable offices

    At Amazon, we embed sustainability principles and initiatives throughout our corporate offices, from green building design to low-carbon transit incentives for employees. Our sustainable campuses offer a healthy environment in which our employees work, collaborate, and innovate.

  • Top 10 food trends for 2020

    Whole Foods Market experts predict on-the-rise flavors, products, and culinary influences.

  • Amazon sustainability policy positions

    Increasing the deployment of renewable energy resources is valuable for the planet, good for business, and important for our customers. As part of our sustainability efforts, Amazon advocates in support of public policy that advances access to and the expansion of clean energy. We will continue to promote policies that support renewable energy to power our operations. Since 2016, we have taken the following actions in support of promoting clean energy and addressing climate change.

  • How we reduce packaging waste

    Our customers want right-sized, recyclable packaging that minimizes waste and ensures damage-free delivery. We work to reinvent and simplify our sustainable packaging options using a science-based approach that includes lab testing, machine learning, materials science, and manufacturing partnerships to scale sustainable change across the packaging supply chain.

  • The Climate Pledge

    Amazon co-founds a commitment to meet the Paris Agreement 10 years early.
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