Our Upskilling Commitments

Amazon is investing $700 million to provide free skills training to employees—helping them further their careers in high-paying, in-demand roles, such as cloud computing. We support employees’ personal growth and provide a workplace of respect and dignity for all people. Additionally, we are committing to provide free cloud computing skills training to 29 million people around the world with programs available to anyone.
Training for technical skills
Skills training opportunities for employees
  • This innovative Amazon program is designed to support our employees who are interested in pursuing a future outside of the company. The Amazon Career Choice Program will pay up to 95% of tuition and associated fees for courses at accredited schools that lead to vocational certifications or Associate of Applied Science degrees in qualified fields of study.
  • Our tuition-free training and job placement program that equips non-technical Amazon employees with the essential skills needed to transition into and thrive in technical careers at Amazon. Combining instructor-led, project-based learning with real-world application, graduates master the most widely used software engineering skills and tools, including AWS cloud computing technology.
  • This initiative helps Amazon employees with a background in technology and coding gain skills in this discipline. As machine learning plays an increasingly important role in customer innovation, this program helps employees learn core skills to propel their career growth.
  • We’ve created programs that provide opportunities to get trained while at work, in high-demand areas like cloud computing. This is one way to support veterans as they break into careers, such as cloud support associate, data center technician, and software development engineer.
  • Designed for individuals looking for foundational cloud computing skills, all the way to seasoned IT professionals looking to stay up to date on the latest technologies, we offer more than 500 free courses, interactive labs, and virtual day-long training sessions, and numerous free instructor-led webinars, in multiple languages. AWS Training and Certification also runs AWS Tech U, a 48-week residency program designed to help a select group of new AWS employees launch a successful cloud career.
  • Upskilling program provides training in mechatronics and robotics—for careers in robotics—with hourly wages up to nearly 40% higher for employees upon completion.
Amazon training program attendee

Global workforce upskilling success stories

Amazon is hiring 100,000 new full and part-time operations employees across the U.S. and Canada.
Additional resources
  • The American workforce is changing. There is a greater need for technical skills in the workplace than ever before. Amazon is no exception—we want to hire, develop, and retain the best talent in order to continue to invent on behalf of our customers.
  • An op-ed from UpSkill America at The Aspen Institute: We study the ways employers are investing in the education, training, and development of workers and then work with other companies to adopt those practices as they create, expand, or improve their own upskilling programs.
  • Have questions? Learn more about our skills training programs here.

Amazon, the largest job creator in the U.S. over the last decade, hosts an annual event to help job seekers find their next job.

Amazon’s 2020 Career Day was a virtual event with a record-setting 450,000 people applying for a job, and 300,000 seeking advice from company leaders and recruiters. For replays from Amazon Career Day, as well as videos, blogs, and articles to help navigate the current job market, visit this content hub. For those interested in building a future with Amazon, you can learn more about our 33,000 available corporate and tech jobs, or the 100,000 open hourly positions in our operations network.
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