AWS has announced the general availability of Amazon Q, the most capable generative artificial intelligence (AI)-powered assistant for accelerating software development and leveraging companies’ internal data.
Amazon Q not only generates highly accurate code, it also tests, debugs, and has multi-step planning and reasoning capabilities that can transform and implement new code generated from developer requests. Amazon Q also makes it easier for employees to get answers to questions across business data such as company policies, product information, business results, code base, employees, and many other topics by connecting to enterprise data repositories to summarize the data logically, analyze trends, and engage in dialog about the data.
Amazon Q is the most capable generative AI-powered assistant available today with industry-leading accuracy, advanced agents capabilities, and best-in-class security that helps developers become more productive and helps business users to accelerate decision making,” said Dr. Swami Sivasubramanian, vice president of Artificial Intelligence and Data at AWS. “Since we announced the service at re:Invent, we have been amazed at the productivity gains developers and business users have seen. Early indications signal Amazon Q could help our customers’ employees become more than 80% more productive at their jobs; and with the new features we’re planning on introducing in the future, we think this will only continue to grow.”
Today’s announcement includes the general availability of Amazon Q Developer and Amazon Q Business, as well as the new Amazon Q Apps capability (in preview). Here’s a quick look at what they can do:

Amazon Q Developer allows developers to spend more time coding and less time on maintenance

Today, developers estimate that only 30% (or less) of their time is spent on coding, while the rest is spent performing tedious and repetitive tasks. Developers also have to manage infrastructure and resources, troubleshoot and resolve errors, and understand operating costs. When they switch projects, they have to spend time learning the existing code base to understand its programming logic. Finally, there is all the work of testing and refactoring code, upgrading applications, debugging and optimization, and ensuring security by having to carry out vulnerability scanning and applying appropriate security fixes in a timely fashion. Companies want to empower their developers to spend less time on this coding muck and more time on creating unique experiences for their end users, while being able to deploy faster.
Q assists developers and IT professionals (IT pros) with all of their tasks—from coding, testing, and upgrading applications, to troubleshooting, performing security scanning and fixes, and optimizing AWS resources.

Amazon Q Business empowers employees to be more data-driven, and make better decisions using company data

Organizations possess vast amounts of data spread across multiple documents, systems, and applications. Employees across every organization and department spend hours every week searching internal sources for information, piecing together analyses, writing reports, building presentations, gathering insights from dashboards, and adapting content for different audiences.
Amazon Q Business is a generative AI–powered assistant that can answer questions, provide summaries, generate content, and securely complete tasks based on data and information in enterprise systems. It empowers employees to be more creative, data-driven, efficient, prepared, and productive.
An image of a prompt in Amazon Q in QuickSight. The user is asking Q to change a chart to a table.Amazon Q in QuickSight
Amazon Q also brings its advanced generative AI technology to Amazon QuickSight, AWS’s unified Business Intelligence (BI) service built for the cloud. With Amazon Q in QuickSight, customers get a generative BI assistant that allows business analysts to use natural language to build BI dashboards in minutes and easily create visualizations and complex calculations.

Amazon Q Apps enables employees to use natural language to securely build their own generative AI applications

A new capability of Amazon Q Business, Amazon Q Apps lets employees build generative AI-powered apps from their company’s data, without any prior coding experience. Employees simply describe the type of app they want, in natural language, and Q Apps will quickly generate an app that accomplishes their desired task, helping them streamline and automate their daily work with ease and efficiency.
a screenshot of Amazon Q apps creator

Free skills training to take advantage of Amazon Q

As part of Amazon’s “AI Ready” initiative to provide free AI skills training to 2 million people globally by 2025, AWS has launched two free, self-paced digital courses to help the current and future workforce take advantage of Amazon Q. Amazon Q Introduction provides a high-level overview of Amazon Q, including use cases and benefits, while Amazon Q Business Getting Started introduces developers and technical audiences to Amazon Q Business’ features and use cases, and explains how to build a chatbot using Amazon Q.
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