Almost half a million people follow YouTuber and podcaster Jabril for his quick wit, his ability to make complex technology accessible, and his knack for building entertaining machine learning (ML) games that test even the most technically minded of guests.
His visit to re:MARS was no exception.
“I built a ‘spot-the-AI video game,’” he said. “It’s essentially AI-generated images, mixed in with real images, and people have to guess which ones are AI-generated.”
Among the interviewees to take on Jabril’s artificial intelligence (AI) challenge were Ken Washington, Amazon vice president of Software Engineering; Diya Wynn, AWS senior practice manager, Emerging Technologies and Intelligent Platforms; Jeff Barr, chief evangelist for AWS; and Kumar Chellapilla, AWS general manager, ML/AI Services.
You can find out how they fared by following Jabril’s channel, where he’ll be sharing content from re:MARS over the coming weeks.

From containers to containerless

"Future Frequency," a former shipping container turned purpose-built studio, offered content creators like Jabril a dedicated space at re:MARS to record their shows over three days in Las Vegas, while giving visitors the opportunity to listen in live.
An image from the podcast booth at re:MARS 2022.The Future Frequency booth allowed podcasters and YouTubers to interview guests at re:MARS.
Another podcaster presenting from the event was Katherine Gorman from the show Talking Machines. Her interviewees included Rohit Prasad, senior vice president and head scientist for Alexa at Amazon, who talked about the concept of ‘ambient intelligence’ and how Alexa is one of the most complex applications of AI in the world, and Mike McKenzie, AWS general manager, Industrial IoT and Edge, on the increased use of IoT and ML in industry. She also spoke to Simone Severini, AWS director, Quantum Computing, and Michael Kearns, part of the Amazon Scholars program and a leading researcher in machine learning.
Visit the re:MARS blog for more news from this year’s event.