In its fourth year celebrating World Book Day, Amazon Publishing is giving away ten Kindle books to help readers discover authors and stories from around the globe. The 10-day event begins today, April 15th, and concludes April 24th.
With thought-provoking novels from Japan and Madagascar, inspiring nonfiction from Afghanistan, and intimate lesbian love stories from Brazil, Amazon Publishing is excited to share these works of world literature free for a limited time.
Complete list of titles included in the giveaway:

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At the End of the Matinee

At the End of the Matinee
A Single Swallow
The Broken Circle
The King of Warsaw
The Strange Journey of Alice Pendelbury
The Son and Heir
You, Me, and the Colors of Life
Return to the Enchanted Island
Some Days
At the End of the Matinee

by Keiichiro Hirano, translated by Juliet Winters Carpenter

The book cover of "At The End Of The Matinee by Keiichiro Hirano" features a woman with dark hair blowing in her face looking out into the distance. The blue sky consumes the rest of the cover.


A delicate, timeless, award-winning ode to love's fragility and its resilience.

“Deftly translated into English by Juliet Winters Carpenter, At the End of the Matinee by Japanese author Keiichiro Hirano is an extraordinary and compelling read throughout. Destined to be acknowledged as a literary classic, At the End of the Matinee is an especially and unreservedly recommended addition to community, college, and university library Cultural Heritage, Family Life, and Contemporary Literary Fiction collections.” Midwest Book Review

A Single Swallow

by Zhang Ling, translated by Shelly Bryant

The book cover of A Single Swallow book cover by Zhang Ling. The book cover has yellow undertones and features from the top a woman's face from the mouth down. A river surrounded by greenery flows into the image of the woman.


An epic and intimate novel about the devastation of war, forgiveness, redemption, and the enduring power of love.

“[A] unique premise of ghostly rendezvous among soldiers, combined with first loves for all three men…Clever use of newspaper accounts, military reports, and letters to loved ones advance the plot and complement the dialogue effectively and interestingly…superb…highly recommended.” Historical Novel Society

The Broken Circle

by Enjeela Ahmadi-Miller

The book cover of "The Broken Circle" consists of shades of blue mountains in a night sky. Within one mountain appears a palace, in another mountain appears a scorpion and in the third mountain are line patterns with a wolf. A town sits at the base of the mountains.


An emotional and sweeping memoir of love, family, and survival in the violent, changing landscape of Afghanistan in the early 1980s.

“Full of vivid detail and emotion, this compelling memoir captures the ache of a young child desperate for safety and security.” Kirkus Reviews


by Natalia Borges Polesso, translated by Julia Sanches

The book cover of "Amora" is a light green color with two silhouettes of human bodies that are cream color. There are dark green twig like figures coming from behind the silhouettes.


An exquisite collection of stories exploring the complexity of love between women.

“Less a collection of stories than a collage of vibrant snapshots, Polesso’s entrancing compilation—awarded Brazil’s most prestigious literary prizes—offers pithy-poetic glimpses into the lives of women of various ages who love and desire other women." Oprah Magazine

The King of Warsaw

by Szczepan Twardoch, translated by Sean Gasper Bye

The book cover of "The King of Warsaw"  is a vintage orange color. The cover features a male boxer wearing shorts and boxing gloves punching his opponent whose image is faded.


The ferociously original story of a city ignited by hate and a man in thrall to power.

“Streaked with magic realism and dream logic, the novel slides eerily between reality and illusion, 1930s Poland and 1980s Israel, where Moyshe has morphed into a retired Israeli army officer typing out his Warsaw memories. Driven by a ruthless energy, the first of Twardoch's novels to be available in an English translation is astonishing and heartbreaking in equal measure. It never runs out of revelation. A wickedly enthralling novel by one of Poland’s emerging literary stars." Kirkus Reviews
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The Strange Journey of Alice Pendelbury

by Marc Levy, translated by Chris Murray

The book cover of "The Strange Journey of Alice Pendelbury" features a woman from the nose down to her hips wearing a sleeveless seafoam dress. The woman has short brown hair, wears red lipstick and her head is turned to her left. Behind the woman is a city with homes stacked on top of one another.


Alice Pendelbury believes everything in her life is pretty much in order, but she has yet to meet the most important person in her life...

“Levy is always great at surprising readers with twists and turns in his stories . . . The journey is enjoyable and leads to many smiles." Le Parisien
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The Son and Heir

by Alexander Münninghoff, Kristen Gehrman

The book cover of "The Son and Heir" features a vintage image of a an older man blowing smoke out of his mouth holding a pipe in one hand and his other arm is around the arm of young boy. The older man wears a suit and the younger boy wears a sailor-like suit. They stand on a dirt path surrounded by trees.


A prize-winning Dutch journalist's unsparing memoir of growing up amid the excesses, triumphs, and devastation of post–World War II Europe.

"In a family history as moving as it is fascinating, Münninghoff delivers a bewitchingly honest and brave examination of the forces that shaped his father during the tumultuous events of twentieth-century Europe, painting a portrait of how an ordinary man became complicit in evil." —Liza Darnton, Editor
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You, Me, and the Colors of Life

by Noa C. Walker, translated by Lisa Reinhardt

The book cover of "You, Me and the Colors of Life" is a colorful cover with title of the book in white. The colors appear to be waterpaint-like and from the bottom up go from yellow to teal to orange to coral to violet.


A moving, hopeful story about the power of love and the power of living a life filled with joy.

About the Author
Noa C. Walker is a child of the late 1960s. She loves the mountains as well as the seaside, which is why she can often be found with her laptop near the Bavarian Alps or by the North Sea. She enjoys watching people in cafés, busy streets, and squares, and from time to time her observations end up in her novels.
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Return to the Enchanted Island

by Johary Ravaloson, translated by Allison M. Charette

The book cover of "Return to the Enchanted Island" is a sage color with the title in white block letters that takes up the entire cover. there are three blue raindrops going diagonal across the book with the one in the middle being the biggest and causing the white title to turn light blue.


A young man comes of age amidst the enchanted origin myths of his island country.

“Delicate and captivating.” The New Yorker
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Some Days

by María Wernicke, translated by Lawrence Schimel

The book cover "Some Days" features a young girl with short dark hair wearing a gray jacket on the shoulders of an adult wearing a red jacket and gray hat. They are walking through tall grass.


In this touching story of family and loss, a young girl imagines a passageway in her yard that takes her to a place of safety and love.

“In Schimel’s translation, Wernicke’s words are few but well chosen and expertly paced, the sentences split among the pages allowing for unhurried absorption of meaning. Her curved figures are solid, with cream-colored skin; straight, black hair; and short lines for eyes. No mouths are visible, a decision that adds to the contemplative aura. Subtle patterns add interest, and red—ultimately applied to the mother—signals warmth and love…A gentle model for living while missing a loved one.” Kirkus Reviews
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