With more than 4 million Ukrainian refugees being forced to leave their country, the needs to support them are increasing every day. One week after the opening of the first humanitarian aid hub in Slovakia, we are adding a second humanitarian aid hub in Poland dedicated to getting much-needed supplies to Ukrainian refugees.

A Look Inside Amazon's Humanitarian Aid Hubs in Poland | Amazon News

The facility is near Sosnowiec, a city in southern Poland, and consists of 3,500 square meters (nearly 37,680 square feet) of warehouse space where our employees consolidate, pack, and ship millions of critical supplies. The supplies are being distributed to Ukrainian families in partnership with charities like Save The Children and the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies. The addition of this new facility nearly doubles the space we’ve dedicated to procuring first-need products for those impacted, and the effort continues to be Amazon’s largest humanitarian operation to date.

Amazon’s newest humanitarian hub expands on the ongoing relief efforts that we’ve supported in Poland since the beginning of the crisis in Ukraine. Amazon has donated close to $1 million to Polish organizations supporting refugees on the ground, in addition to $5 million in donations to global NGOs actively working in Poland like UNICEF, UNHCR, Red Cross, and Save the Children. We have also set up office space in our Development Center in Krakow to help 70 members of the World Food Program coordinate their efforts in the region.

Amazon employees across Poland, which borders Ukraine, are also volunteering to help those in need. They’ve donated more than 17,500 blankets and helped provide meals to Ukrainian refugees in the cities of Gdansk, Warsaw, and Krakow, as well as in the villages of Hrebenne and Dorohusk, through Polish Humanitarian Action. The teams in our print-on-demand facility in Wrocław printed 1,400 children’s books in Ukrainian and, in partnership with the Gdansk’s Foundation, delivered them to community centers and apartments where Ukrainian parents and children have been staying.

Amazon employees are helping Ukrainian refugee children feel welcome with books

We will continue to use Amazon’s infrastructure and technology to provide support to those impacted by this conflict.