Alexa Routines can make your days easier and more productive by grouping together a bunch of actions so you don’t have to ask for each one individually. Want to kick off your mornings with the weather and music? Would it be helpful if you could automatically turn on your lights when the sun goes down? Thanks to Alexa, you can do both and more.
To help simplify your day, we collected 10 routines customers love most. Check them out, and try some for yourself.


An image of a woman putting on make up and an Echo Show sitting on the vanity table.
  • Morning Shine: Alexa will turn on lights, provide the weather, and play a song when you dismiss an alarm.
  • Good Morning: Alexa will wish you a good morning, play news from your Flash Briefing, and more when you say, “Good morning.”
  • Morning Music: Kick-start your day with morning tunes at a time of your choice.
  • NPR Morning Radio: Alexa will start your morning with your local NPR station at a time of your choice.

Home Monitoring

An image of a dog looking at the camera.
  • Calm My Dog: Alexa can help calm your pup by playing soothing music when dog barking is detected for one minute.
  • Appliance Check: Alexa will send you a push notification and announcement to check on your appliance when beeping is detected for two minutes.

Health and Wellness

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An image of a dad and son together and a side table next to them. There are two Echo Kids devices sitting on the table.
  • Sunset Lights: Alexa will turn on your lights when the sun goes down.
  • Time for Bed: Alexa can turn on a night light, play sleep sounds, and more when you say, “It’s bedtime.”
To explore more ways Alexa Routines can help automate your day, open the Alexa app > More > Routines > Gallery.