Ring has announced the newest member of its product line: Pan-Tilt Indoor Cam. This innovative indoor camera builds on the features customers love from previous Ring cameras and adds new pan and tilt functionality for increasing visibility inside your home. Here’s what to expect with the Pan-Tilt Indoor Cam:

See more with 360-degree pan coverage and 169-degree tilt coverage

An image of a Ring product in a living room.
An image of a Ring product in a living room.

The key feature of Pan-Tilt Indoor Cam is its motorized pan-tilt base, which allows for 360-degree pan coverage, so you can see wall to window, and 169-degree vertical tilt coverage, so you can see from floor to ceiling. Controlled directly from the Ring app, you can move the camera angle with just a tap to see different areas of a room and eliminate blind spots. Whether you want to pan to check on your pet lying on the floor while you're away or you’re a business owner wanting to check-in after hours to keep an eye on valuables, you’ll be able to find the perfect vantage point with Pan-Tilt Indoor Cam.

New color options for your personal style

Coming soon, Ring will introduce new colors with Pan-Tilt Indoor Cam, so your devices can match your style. Choose from three striking earth-tone colors—Starlight, Charcoal or Blush—made to suit any home aesthetic.

An image of 5 Pan Tilt Indoor Cam in different colors.

These new colors will also be available with Indoor Cam (2nd gen).

Integrate with your whole smart home

Amazon’s first smart home control panel makes connecting, viewing, and managing the devices you already own—from smart lights to alarm systems—simple and affordable.

With a Ring Protect subscription, Pan-Tilt Indoor Cam can connect to and work with your other Ring products. For example, you can set Pan-Tilt Indoor Cam to record when someone rings your doorbell, or have it trigger a video recording on another Ring Cam when it detects motion. Pan-Tilt Indoor Cam also works with Alexa. With compatible Echo devices, customers can say, “Alexa, show me the living room,” to see their Live View and begin speaking with people in that room, as long as the privacy cover is not in use.

Privacy you can trust

An image of a Ring product in a living room.

Customer privacy and security are a priority at Ring. Pan-Tilt Indoor Cam has privacy built-in with a manual privacy cover that turns off audio and video when placed over the camera lens. And, like with all Ring products, you can easily manage important privacy and security settings from the Control Center of the Ring app.

Pan-Tilt Indoor Cam in Black and White is available for pre-order today at $79.99 on Ring.com and Amazon.com and will start shipping to customers on May 30, 2024. Pan-Tilt Indoor Cam and Indoor Cam (2nd Gen) in Ring’s new colors will be available soon.