Amp, the live radio app from Amazon, has unveiled its Creator Fund which will reward emerging creators who create a steady stream of engaging shows and build loyal audiences, regardless of background or experience level, through monthly rewards.

“Creators are the heart and soul of Amp, and the Creator Fund is our next step toward recognizing the commitment of people who are doing what they love by making innovative shows that inspire and entertain,” said John Ciancutti, VP of Amp. “We’ve spent our beta listening to the early adopters of our creator community, and we understand that monetization is crucial for them. The Creator Fund will support loyal creators who are spending their time creating great programming and building a community of followers on Amp.” 

Amp is launching in limited-access U.S. beta for iOS. Learn how it will enable creators to DJ their own shows for free, with tens of millions of licensed songs.

Amp is the home for music discovery and curation, allowing anyone to DJ their own live radio shows and engage with their community in real time with a music catalog of tens of millions of songs—no additional hardware, editing, or subscription needed. Amp features thousands of creator-led shows, as well as shows hosted by top artists including Nicki Minaj, Joe Budden, and Pusha T. The Creator Fund is designed to reward emerging creators who are building community and culture on Amp, based on consistency of content and meaningful audience engagement over time.

Who is eligible?

The fund is designed to support Amp’s diverse community of creators and encourage the development of engaging shows on the app. Any eligible creator who has hosted a show in a qualifying month can be rewarded from the Creator Fund. Creators will be assessed based on show performance and listener engagement. Here are some best practices to help you get started:

  • Create Engaging Content - Amp content is live, shared, and entertaining. Keep your audience in mind and interact with the community.
  • Grow My Community - Build that “appointment listening” and plant the seeds to nurture a thriving community of listeners and callers.
  • Reach My Audience - Help your show get discovered and help listeners find you by keeping best practices in mind.

How will creators be rewarded?

Each month, all eligible Amp creators will be automatically considered for a Creator Fund reward. Selected creators will receive an email the following month with instructions on how to claim their rewards. Find more details.

I’m new to Amp, where should I start listening?

There are many ways for fans to listen to their favorite creators on Amp. Download the app in the U.S. iOS App Store, or access Amp on the web. Fans can also access their favorite shows, or find new ones by asking Alexa to play specific shows by creator name, by genre, or by simply saying, “Alexa, play Amp.” To learn more, head to the Amp website and follow Amp on Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok.

Get to know some of the creators who are building communities on Amp.

Illustrated images featuring Amp creators
Catch @blackbarbie most days during the late afternoons and evenings.
Illustrated images featuring Amp creators
Listen to @britty_bit almost every weekday in the mornings, afternoons and evenings.
Illustrated images featuring Amp creators
Catch @outlastshirts most weekdays, from around 3 to 10 p.m. EST.
Illustrated images featuring Amp creators
Listen to @bluemondaze during the week in the morning and afternoon.
Illustrated images featuring Amp creators
Catch @musiknmyheart Mondays, 1.30-2 p.m. EST.