Check out Amazon’s heartwarming commercial, which features a family of four spending quality time at home with their adorable rescue dog during the lockdown. While the family is working and learning virtually, they give their tail-wagging pup endless amounts of treats, love, and attention. But things change when his family transitions back to the office and in-person school, and he’s left home alone. His sadness turns to mischief, and he begins destroying the house while everyone is out. The family then buys a dog crate from Amazon, but in an unexpected twist, the crate is for another dog the family has rescued—a best friend and playmate for the family’s lonely rescue dog, bringing some extra joy and companionship back to his life.

The commercial first aired during Super Bowl LVII on Sunday, February 12. Watch the video below for a peek behind the scenes of the casting audtions.

Amazon Dog Auditions

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