Amazon Freevee’s Bosch: Legacy follows Harry Bosch (Titus Welliver), a retired homicide detective turned private investigator, as he embarks on the next chapter of his career; attorney Honey “Money” Chandler (Mimi Rogers), who struggles to maintain her faith in the justice system after surviving an attempted murder; and Madeline “Maddie” Bosch (Madison Lintz), as she discovers the possibilities and challenges of being a rookie patrol cop on the streets of Los Angeles.
An image from Season 2 of Amazon Freevee's 'Bosch: Legacy.'
During Bosch: Legacy Season Two, Bosch and Chandler work together to seek out a killer who just might find them first. As a result of being kidnapped by a masked assailant, Maddie Bosch's law enforcement career hangs in the balance. The FBI scrutinizes Carl Rogers' murder and places Bosch and Chandler under suspicion. The first two episodes of the new season are available to stream exclusively on Amazon Freevee in the U.S., UK, Germany, and Austria now, with two additional episodes available each Friday through November 18. The series will also be available as an Amazon Original in 35 other territories around the world via Prime Video.
We caught up with Bosch: Legacy’s executive producer Henrik Bastin, and executive producer and co-showrunner Tom Bernardo to get the scoop on the new season. Responses have been edited for length and clarity.

Bosch: Legacy Season Oneended with a cliffhanger suggesting Harry Bosch’s daughter, Maddie being kidnapped. What’s happening at the start of Bosch: Legacy Season Two?

Tom Bernardo: As storytellers, we wanted to drop [the audience] right back into that question, on the day, and put Harry, Maddie, and [Honey] Chandler in the most heightened circumstances we've ever seen dramatically—and see where it all goes.
Image from Season 2 of Amazon Freevee's 'Bosch: Legacy.'

What can we look forward to this season?

Bernardo: Some familiar faces including Jerry Edgar (played by Jamie Hector) are coming back into the scene. We get to experience the dynamic between those two old partners in a radically new way.

Also, we’re putting the character of Harry Bosch into circumstances we've never witnessed before - and seeing how far that character goes emotionally and psychologically… and if will he break. I hope audiences are invested in the actual drama of it, but also engaged by seeing [Bosch] in a very different, extreme light - and how far he'll go to save his daughter.

Season Two will be loosely based on Michael Connelly's novel The Crossing. Will it stick to that story?

Bernardo: For Bosch: Legacy Season Two, the main story trunk is The Crossing and our adaptation of it. This iteration, with Chandler, Maddie, and Bosch as a private eye, is our own invention. Some stories from the books lend themselves to it, but others we just create and imagine.
Image from Season 2 of Amazon's Freevee's 'Bosch: Legacy.'

There are many solid police procedurals – but Bosch is a standout. What’s the secret to the character’s success?

Bastin: [Author] Michael Connelly created this character back in the early 1990’s. If you started with reading these books, Harry Bosch has grown somewhat, but basically he’s the same. No matter your politics, your race, who you are in life - it's all about justice. The legal system and society sometimes put things in place (when you are in a tough predicament) that could stand in your way of getting justice, and Harry Bosch is the man to navigate it. He's the police officer I think we all want. He doesn't suffer fools. He is as far from a politician as they come. Michael Connelly crafted Harry Bosch so brilliantly, and we've been fortunate enough to ‘borrow’ him. Tom Bernardo (executive producer, co-showrunner) and Eric Overmyer (producer) and others have contributed, and Titus Welliver’s acting gives Harry Bosch life. That's the success of it.
Image from Season 2 of Amazon Freevee's 'Bosch: Legacy.'

Does anything ever happen on set to break up the intensity?

Bernardo: It might surprise people when they come to the set to see that Titus Welliver is not brooding in the corner like Bosch, he's kind of goofy and fun. Titus is a one-man comedy act. He’s an incredible mimic, so sometimes I’m like, ‘Hey, give me a Bobby Duvall or a Christopher Walken,’ and he can do it. Titus has an encyclopedic knowledge of movies and can quote films. He’s naturally fun, and breaks up the intensity of the material with being very light on set with everybody. Titus creates a really good environment, he's very gracious.

What’s next for the Bosch universe?

Bastin: The universe continues with Bosch: Legacy- which we are excited about, going into our Season Three. We’re developing shows for Amazon Freevee that expands this universe with some of the other characters that you might have read about or seen in the show – including [characters] Jerry Edgar and Renee Ballard.