Amazon has launched a new, virtual shopping experience where fans can shop for merch from popular Prime Video series and filmsCustomers wishing to immerse themselves further into the world of the highly-anticipated Prime Video series Gen V can experience more by visiting the series’ detail page where they can extend their journey into Gen V’s Godolkin University via an immersive Virtual Campus Tour and Virtual Campus Store (virtual experiences available on web only). The new experience will extend the worlds of Prime Video titles creating convenient, culturally rich environments for customers to discover, learn, experience, and consume more of their favorite stories.

An image of the virtual campus tour of Godolkin University from The Boys spinoff Gen V.

For the first experience, Prime Video created an immersive, in-world website for The Boys’ spinoff Gen V. Fans can visit the site to discover Godolkin University’s campus—the fictional university where the show is set—through an Easter-egg laden virtual campus tour. The virtual tour leads to the student union, which houses the brand-new virtual campus store where you can purchase various products including Godolkin University merchandise and dorm room products.

The series will premiere exclusively on Prime Video on September 29. It’s about the students training to be the next generation of superheroes while attending Godolkin University.

Here's everything you need to know to take the new experience for a spin:

How can I access the virtual tour and store for 'Gen V'?

Head to then click on any of the many links directing you to the “virtual” and “360” experience including “Campus” and “Store” from the main menu (the hamburger icon, top left).

What scenes and sets from 'Gen V' can I explore?

An image of the virtual campus tour of Godolkin University from The Boys spinoff Gen V.

The exterior of the campus housing Gen V’s “School of Crime Fighting” is explorable. It features an interactive campus map, along with information about the superhero statues in the quad. Fans can also watch the Godolkin University “orientation” video at the student union, and enter Vought-a-Burger and the Campus Store (where U.S. fans can also shop). Within the residence hall, there are also dormitory rooms where U.S. fans can also shop dorm room products. Dean Shetty’s office will be coming to the experience soon.

An image of the virtual campus tour of Godolkin University from The Boys spinoff Gen V.

Is this global?

The immersive and interactive section of the Virtual Campus Tour is accessible globally. Shopping is turned off outside of the U.S., however all environments remain free to navigate and explore for customers globally. Please note the interactive experience is available in English only.

How many items are available to shop in the U.S.?

Approximately 150 Items.

How do I purchase something?

An image of the virtual campus tour of Godolkin University from The Boys spinoff Gen V.

Click the item you’d like to buy, then click “Buy Now” to complete the purchase on

Is 'Gen V' merch available on

Fans in the United States can shop hundreds of officially licensed products from The Boys franchise, including Gen V, on

Gen V will be a part of the convenience and entertainment, along with fast, free shipping on every order, that Prime members enjoy in a single membership. Sony Pictures Consumer Products, in collaboration with licensee Ripple Junction, launched a merchandise program ahead of the Season 1 debut.

Watch Season One of Gen V on Prime Video starting September 29.