Approximately 98 million American adults—about one in three—have prediabetes, nearly 40 million Americans have diabetes, and more than 40% of adults in the U.S. are obese. Treatments for diabetes and obesity-related conditions show promise to help alleviate a growing disease burden, but access to newer, clinically proven medications remains limited.

To help patients being treated for diabetes, obesity, and migraine, Amazon Pharmacy is now offering home delivery of select medications through LillyDirect. Lilly has selected Amazon Pharmacy to serve as a third-party dispensing provider for LillyDirect Pharmacy Solutions, delivering prescribed Lilly medications directly to a patient’s home.

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At Amazon Pharmacy, we believe access to high-quality pharmacy support is essential to good health care. Our clinical pharmacists review each incoming prescription for accuracy, appropriateness, and drug interactions. We offer 24/7 access to a clinical pharmacist for patients who have questions about their care. And, our world-class logistics and supply chain management enable customers to get their prescribed medications delivered on time and directly to their door, with ongoing tracking updates and access to customer care teams.

High-quality clinical support

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For many patients who start using insulin, or injectable medications for migraine or obesity, this will be the first time they administer an injection. Amazon pharmacists can support medication management by providing guidance on administration techniques, drug interactions, side effects, and cost considerations. Pharmacists can also assist with reminder tools to help patients stay consistent with their medication schedule. Amazon Pharmacy’s clinical team remains available 24/7 to respond to care questions and support care.

Treating diabetes and obesity can slow or prevent the onset of cardiovascular disease, reducing the risk of heart attack or stroke, as well as reducing the risk of some cancers, osteoarthritis, and more. We’re pleased to work with Lilly to reimagine a pharmacy experience that can support better care outcomes. Physicians may send prescriptions to LillyDirect Pharmacy Solutions or to Amazon Pharmacy.

What medications are available through LillyDirect?

A full list of Lilly medicines currently available via LillyDirect can be found at

What medications are available through Amazon Pharmacy?

Amazon Pharmacy is a digital-first, full-service pharmacy on We carry most medications prescribed at the doctor’s office, and deliver right to your door, with free two-day delivery for Prime members. Amazon Pharmacy accepts most insurance plans, and offers additional ways to save with PrimeRx and RxPass.

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