Amazon is proud to celebrate and support enterprising women around the world who have invented new products and gained patents through the U.S. intellectual property system. Meet three of those trailblazing women below whose innovative and patented products are available in Amazon’s store.

Gauri Nanda, designer and entrepreneur of Clocky

Innovative products next to the women that created them.
Clocky is an alarm clock that runs away from sleepers while beeping—forcing users to get out of bed to turn off the clock. Nanda created Clocky in 2005 while she was a student at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). Her motivation? Herself. Nanda said she was a chronic over-sleeper and routinely late for morning classes.

Amy Fazackerley, founder and CEO of Lay n Go

Innovative products next to the women that created them.
Lay n Go began with a simple desire to tame her young sons’ toy collections that consisted of small pieces. After not finding a solution on the market, Fazackerley invented an organizational drawstring bag that allows for quick and easy storage of toys, cosmetics, and other items.

Kim Meckwood, CEO of Click & Carry

Innovative products next to the women that created them.
Click & Carry began when Meckwood was frustrated with the struggles of carrying multiple shopping bags. Click & Carry is a small, useful tool that allows users to gather and carry multiple bags easily and at once. The tool offers various solutions, like for seniors who face dexterity challenges, construction workers carrying tools and supplies, and sports enthusiasts toting gear.
Check out the video below for an insightful discussion with Nanda, Fazackerley, and Meckwood about their journeys in innovation, moderated by Kathi Vidal, director of the United States Patent and Trademark Office, in celebration of World Intellectual Property (IP) Day. They also discuss how we can all encourage young women and girls to harness their own imagination and creativity for good.