This holiday season—and all year round—we celebrate the continued success of the many small businesses that sell in our store.

For the first time ever during the holidays, customers can easily discover gifts from small businesses and artisans with the new Small Business badge. The badge helps customers shop with confidence and know they’re making a real impact on small businesses—including Black-owned, women-owned, and military family-owned businesses—and in their local communities.

Meet some of those businesses below, and learn how their partnership with Amazon has accelerated their growth and success. They’re among the many incredible small businesses offering amazing gift ideas for everyone on your holiday list.

We encourage you to shop from small businesses throughout the holiday season—including during Amazon’s Cyber Monday weekend sales event—to support the incredible entrepreneurs who help make Amazon a diverse, vibrant store.

Orijin Bees

Melissa Orijin – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania  

A split image with the owner of Orjin Bees smiling with her daughter on the left and on the right, she sits on a chair while she does her daughter's hair who is sitting on the floor.

Featured in Amazon’s Holiday Kids Gift Book of over 600 amazing toys and gifts, Orijin Bees is aptly named. The name stands for “Our Representation Is Just Inclusion Normalized. Beautifully Empowering Every Soul.” This Black-owned business makes baby dolls with a variety of skin tones and curly hair textures, each created to reflect the beauty and diversity of Black and Brown girls.

To celebrate the one-year anniversary of Amazon’s Black Business Accelerator, we talked to small business owners who found success participating in the program’s inaugural year.

Founder and CEO Melissa Orijin started the business as a passion project, born out of her experience as a mother looking for solutions to encourage her eldest daughter’s self-love journey. The project evolved into a thriving business in Amazon’s store.

“Amazon has been essential for our growth, from being welcomed into programs like Amazon’s Black Business Accelerator to providing opportunities where we can get in front of new customers and audiences,” Orijin said. “Thanksgiving weekend is special to me because it's a time that small businesses, like my own, are amplified and can make the most impact within their communities.”

“The holidays are an opportunity for customers to support and discover so many amazing brands they may not have heard of before,” she added. “Support those brands you already love, and since it’s gifting season, introduce loved ones to new brands from small businesses. A win-win all around!"

Rollors & Tally Tumbler

Matt Butler – Destin, Florida

A split image, on the left is the owner of Rollors & Tally Tumbler holding his products. On the right, are images of Rollors and Tally Tumblers.

During downtime between deployments overseas, Matt Butler came up with the idea for Rollors, a game with a unique combination of horseshoes, bocce ball, and bowling. The military veteran later developed the prototype in his garage—and the game is now a hit at barbecues, beach trips, and other outdoor activities.

Butler employs veterans and their spouses to help distribute the game, which has been purchased by thousands of customers. He also partnered with fellow recreational sports enthusiast Kelvin Sealy to found a second small business to create another product sold in Amazon’s store: Tally Tumbler, the ultimate score-keeping device that doubles as a beverage tumbler.

“During the pandemic, our company tripled its sales, and we wouldn’t have kept up with the demand without Amazon taking the burden off of our shoulders,” Butler said. “The Fulfillment by Amazon program has enabled us to distribute games and tumblers to thousands of customers to allow them to make fun memories with their loved ones.”

He noted that the holidays, especially, “are a great way for people to support small businesses that work hard to bring unique value to their customers.”


Brea Fullerton – Atlanta, Georgia

A split image with the owner of the Shinery on the left and on the right, Shinery products including rings and jewelry cleaner.

Searching for the perfect gift for the jewelry-lover in your life? Meet the first-ever non-toxic jewelry cleaner and hand soap, all in one, from Shinery—a family-owned business run by three generations of women. Frustrated by harsh chemicals and soap residue on her wedding ring and hands, Brea Fullerton spent a year working with top chemists for a clean, convenient, and effective solution. The result is her top-selling Radiance Wash, which was named as one of Oprah’s Favorite Things 2022.

Fullerton’s whole family is involved in the business. In fact, her 84-year-old grandmother holds the title of “head of Amazon” and is responsible for preparing all products and shipments for the Fulfillment by Amazon program.

“During the holiday season, we’ve seen our sales jump 500-900%, due to the gifting nature of our products and being able to scale so quickly, while delivering on the speed and accessibility that would only be possible with Amazon,” Fullerton said. “We are so appreciative that Amazon not only recognizes small businesses but actively spotlights them, especially with the recent launch of the Small Business badge.”

“There are so many inventors, brand-builders, makers, crafters, and artisans who depend on the holiday shopping season for their livelihood,” she added. “Having such a powerful sales channel like Amazon standing behind them is incredible.”

Sweet Water Décor

Melissa Horvath – Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

A split image with the owners of Sweet Water Decor on the left. On the right are the products they sell including mugs, matches, and candles.

Business owner and designer Melissa Horvath started Sweet Water Décor while handmaking coffee mugs in her basement in 2014. The company now brings light into customers’ homes through its range of products, including soy-based wax candles and reed diffusers, mugs, and pens. With a festive mug featured in this year’s Small Business Gift Guide, Horvath still designs each product. She also works alongside her husband to serve hundreds of thousands of customers through her giftable, motivational, and inspirational line of products.

From plant care to trivia, these small businesses are being highlighted by Amazon Launchpad, a program that provides support and expertise for innovative and differentiated brands and entrepreneurs.

“Amazon has taken our business to new heights. With the ability to utilize Fulfillment by Amazon, we are able to focus on designing, making, and selling, while Amazon gets our products to our customers quickly,” Horvath said.

“Since launching our business back in 2014, we have grown our team to 40 and counting, outgrown four warehouses, and continue to create more employment opportunities—all thanks to the growth we've experienced in Amazon’s store,” she added. “It means so much to have the support of our customers during Cyber Monday weekend, knowing that they're getting something our team has so lovingly made and or designed.”

Shop small this holiday season

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