Amazon supports women-owned businesses throughout the year as we work to close the gender gap in opportunities for women in entrepreneurship. This Women’s History Month and International Women’s Day, we are encouraging everyone around the world to support women-owned businesses in the month of March and beyond.
Support women-owned businesses and celebrate entrepreneurs in Amazon’s women-owned business storefront. That’s where you can shop during Women’s History Month to discover great products from brands that strive to meet the month’s theme, #EmbraceEquity.
The storefront offers products across categories, from home and beauty to maintenance and repair supplies for your own business. Some of those businesses include apparel brands like Dayo Women and 7 Ate 9 Apparel; home essentials like Creations by Nathalie and Three by Three Seattle; food and coffee brands like Sip Herbals and Date Lady; hygiene essentials like PiperWai; tick repellent like 3 Moms Organics; gift baskets from Gifts Fulfilled; sensory stickers from Fidget Stickers; keepsake journals from Duncan & Stone Paper Co.; practical and stylish performance sleeves for cancer survivors from PICC Design and hair care brands like Locsanity.
A side by side of a headshot of Amber Murray on the left and an image of Fidget Stickers on the right. Meet Amber Murray, entrepreneur and owner of Fidget Stickers, a company that sells sensory stickers for anxiety and mental health illnesses.
Here are a few more ways to support women-owned businesses on Amazon:

Meet the supply needs of your own business

Shop business essentials from women-owned businesses on Amazon to reach your supplier diversity goals. Discover our featured women-owned businesses, such as J-Tech Digital, Inc., Honest Medical, and Turtle & Hughes Inc. Just sign in to Amazon Business or create a free business account to start saving on business supplies.

Celebrate women-owned businesses with Amazon Beauty

Check out #EmbraceEquity with Amazon Beauty to support female-founded beauty brands. Featured founders include Gail Federici from Color Wow and Alicia Grande from Grande Cosmetics. Federici says she embraces equity by creating an inclusive workplace where all voices are heard and respected. Grande says she embraces the qualities that make us individuals and help provide confidence for all people to feel comfortable in their own skin.

Support women-owned businesses worldwide

Amazon’s stores around the world are spotlighting women-owned businesses and the stories behind them through March. On the Amazon Brazil site, our woman-owned businesses storefront is highlighting women and their brands—and 15% of the sales generated in the store will be donated to the Instituto Rede Mulher Empreendedora, which helps women in vulnerable situations.
Amazon Canada is celebrating local women-owned small businesses this year through the IWD storefront. The storefront features products from entrepreneurs who have used Amazon’s store to grow their business and increase their customer base online. From ground-breaking business founders to creatives turning their passion into a career, these inspiring entrepreneurs are paving the way and championing a better future for all.
Amazon Türkiye has a dedicated storefront celebrating International Women’s Day. The site will feature products, businesses, and success stories from women entrepreneurs throughout the month of March.
Learn more ways to celebrate with Amazon during Women’s History Month and International Women’s Day.