Just in time for the holidays, Amazon recently introduced AmazonSmile Charity Lists. Charity Lists is a new feature of AmazonSmile that provides nonprofits an easy way to create lists while providing a convenient way for customers to donate needed items to the charity of their choice with the reassurance that the curated list is managed directly by the charity. Customers can support their favorite charity and shop AmazonSmile Charity Lists by visiting smile.amazon.com/charitylists.

There are already hundreds of Charity Lists, supporting causes such as pets and animals, education and youth, health, veterans, and more. Customers can shop and donate items of various price points and categories, as each Charity List is carefully curated based on the needs of the respective charity.

To shop and donate an item to a charity of your choice visit AmazonSmile Charity Lists. Charitable organizations can learn more by visiting org.amazon.com.

How to shop Charity Lists

  • Sign in with your Amazon.com credentials. Customers who are not already signed-up for AmazonSmile will receive a prompt to do so.
  • Shop your favorite organization’s Charity List.
  • Select and donate items from the list.
  • Ship to the charity. At Checkout, check the box for the organization’s shipping address for the item(s) to be delivered to the respective charity.

When customers shop at smile.amazon.com, AmazonSmile donates 0.5% of the purchase price of eligible items to their charity of choice, including but not limited to AmazonSmile Charity Lists purchases. Learn more about AmazonSmile.