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Prime Day 2023 arrives July 11-12 in participating countries around the world. Prime members will get exclusive access to Amazon’s lowest prices so far this year on select products from a variety of brands. This year, Prime Day is all about making our Prime members feel like a big deal, with deep savings and access to some of the best offers from brands they love.

The 2023 Prime Day campaign has started rolling out on TV, cinema, radio, and digital media. The campaign builds on the idea that getting a deal feels good, but getting an exclusive deal feels even better, showing Prime members being treated as celebrities when they receive their Prime Day packages.

Prime Day 2023 Ad - Perfect 10

“It’s always a great feeling when your Amazon package arrives at your doorstep,” said Deb Curtis, global director of Prime & Retail Marketing. "We wanted the campaign to dial up that excitement so that getting your Prime Day deals feels epic and make our Prime members feel special."

Prime Day 2023 Ad - Superfans

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