Amazon Key In-Garage Delivery is a convenient, secure way to receive Amazon packages and groceries. Plus, it’s free with a Prime membership, which helps make life easier for customers every single day.

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Learn all about In-Garage Delivery below, along with answers to frequently asked questions about how to use it and why it might be right for you.

What is Amazon Key In-Garage Delivery?

When you use In-Garage Delivery, drivers deliver your Amazon packages straight to your garage, where they’re safe and sound, instead of leaving them on your doorstep.

Porch pirates don’t stand a chance with In-Garage Delivery, and it helps protect packages against weather damage, too. It’s especially handy for keeping expensive or fragile orders, like electronics and groceries, safe until you’re ready to bring them inside.

Another great reason to try In-Garage Delivery? Convenience. It gives you the ability to receive Amazon packages whether you’re home or away, so you can stop scheduling your days around when they’ll arrive. Just select In-Garage Delivery at checkout, and Amazon Key will take care of the rest.

How does Amazon Key In-Garage Delivery work?

Two side-to-side illustrations of a delivery driver that show in-garage delivery.

When a delivery driver arrives at your address, they scan your Amazon package to request one-time access to your garage. Amazon Key then verifies the package and driver’s location before opening the garage door. The delivery driver places your package safely inside your garage, exits, and taps a button in their delivery app to close your garage door. They’re unable to re-enter without another delivery for your property.

How much does Amazon Key In-Garage Delivery cost?

In-Garage Delivery is free and exclusively for Prime members.

Can I use In-Garage Delivery for certain Amazon orders and not others?

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In-Garage Delivery is completely customizable to give you more flexibility and control over your Amazon packages. You choose when and where you want your packages delivered by selecting your preferred delivery method when you set up your account.

Free Amazon Day with Key Delivery, which combines your In-Garage Delivery orders and delivers them inside your garage on the same day every week, is one option. Or, you can opt to receive the majority of your deliveries on your doorstep and only use In-Garage Delivery for specific orders. You can change your delivery preferences at any time, either at checkout or in the Amazon app under Amazon Key settings.

Can you use In-Garage Delivery with any garage?

If you have a myQ or Aladdin Connect smart garage, you already have everything you need to get started. Just link your garage to Amazon Key in the Amazon App and turn on In-Garage Delivery. Then, when you shop on Amazon, choose your preferred In-Garage Delivery option at checkout. It’s that easy.

Don’t have a smart garage? No worries, there’s an easy fix: the myQ Smart Garage Control or Aladdin Connect Kit. They’re easy to install and available on Amazon. Once you install it, you’ll have the ability to use In-Garage Delivery and control your garage door from anywhere with your phone.

Ready to give free In-Garage Delivery a try?

Great! If you’re a myQ Smart Garage owner, get started now. Shop for a myQ Smart Garage Control or Aladdin Connect Kit on Amazon.

Learn more about Amazon Key In-Garage Delivery and find out if it’s available in your area.