re:MARS is back. The event brings together some of the brightest leaders in science, academia, and business to explore innovation, scientific advancements, and practical applications of the MARS Domains (machine learning, automation, robotics, and space). This year, re:MARS is scheduled as an in-person event, June 21–24, at the ARIA Resort and Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada. Business leaders and technical builders will learn, share, and imagine how the four MARS fields of study will shape the future.
AI and ML drive many of Amazon’s processes. Some processes are highly visible, such as the company’s autonomous Prime Air delivery drones, Amazon Go (stores without checkout lines), and Alexa. Others work below the surface, contributing to Amazon’s package-delivery speeds, broad selection of products, low prices, and consumer analytics. In addition, AWS continues to offer unrivaled breadth and depth of AI and ML products and services to customers of all sizes.
“We’re at the beginning of a golden age of AI,” said Jeff Bezos, founder and executive chair of Amazon. “Recent advancements have already led to inventions that previously lived in the realm of science fiction—and we’ve only scratched the surface of what’s possible. AI is an enabling technology that can improve products and services across all industries. We’re excited to offer re:MARS, bringing together leaders and builders from diverse areas to share learnings and spark new ideas for future innovation.”
re:MARS is an extension of MARS, the intimate, invite-only event hosted by Bezos that embraces an optimistic vision for scientific discovery to advance a golden age of innovation. Embodying the same spirit of MARS, re:MARS combines the latest in forward-looking science with practical applications that will initiate change in organizations today. Attendees learn how the MARS Domains can improve the customer experience, drive business efficiency, streamline operations, improve automation, reach customers through new services and interfaces, and more.
re:MARS brings together innovative minds with diverse skillsets. The event is for business leaders and technical builders (including, but not limited to developers, engineers, data scientists, ML experts, and roboticists) who want to learn, share, and use AI to initiate change in organizations today.
Ultimately, we want participants to have fun, foster new friendships and collaborations, and find inspiration.
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