Amazon Web Services (AWS) recently launched AWS Cloud Institute, a new virtual training program that provides a prescriptive path to gaining the technical and professional skills needed to start a career as a cloud developer in as little as one year. AWS Cloud Institute is a 12-course training program that includes on-demand digital learning and live instructor-led courses, game-based learning, more than 100 interactive labs, two capstone projects, preparation and exam vouchers for two AWS Certifications, and career enrichment activities with notable AWS customers and partners, including Accenture and American Family Insurance.

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In today’s world, the fastest growing roles are technology-driven, yet only 50% of workers have access to adequate training opportunities, according to the World Economic Forum's Future of Jobs Report 2023. AWS Cloud Institute provides a way to help train a diverse, ready-to-hire workforce of cloud developers who have demonstrated that they can solve real-world business challenges.

A new report, developed by AWS and Accenture, outlines how cloud computing and generative AI are helping micro, small, and medium-sized businesses.

“The scarcity of individuals with cloud skills is a major concern for organizations that want to innovate with cloud, and hiring the necessary talent continues to pose a real challenge to the industry,” said Kevin Kelly, director of AWS Cloud Institute. “AWS Cloud Institute brings new talent into the workforce with a low-cost training option that supports individuals for whom traditional education or training options may not be a good fit. We support all types of learners with a comprehensive training program that empowers them to develop the skills, confidence, and connections to pursue an in-demand cloud career.”

What is AWS Cloud Institute?

Built by AWS experts, AWS Cloud Institute is a structured program that includes hands-on, real-world training to help prepare learners to begin an in-demand career in a variety of cloud developer roles. The program includes 12 self-paced, digital training courses and a wealth of interactive educational resources—from hands-on, game-based learning to building applications through capstone projects. Learners also have the option to learn directly from AWS instructors during live courses, offered at U.S. West Coast and East Coast times, or watch the content on-demand as their schedule allows. The curriculum includes more than 100 interactive labs, two capstone projects, and the creation of a portfolio illustrating the learner’s technical knowledge and capabilities for potential employers.

AWS Cloud Institute is designed with input from AWS customers and partners who need cloud-skilled talent and are committed to engaging with learners through tech talks and other career services engagements.

“In partnership with AWS, we are helping our clients get more value from the cloud, and AWS Cloud Institute will accelerate that,” said Allison Horn, global talent lead for Talent & Organization at Accenture. “By focusing on real-life, industry-specific business problems, the program helps learners build technical skills and business acumen that will give them new pathways to in-demand jobs while giving employers the talent they need to move cloud adoption forward.”

AWS Cloud Institute: Fast track to tech

How does the curriculum help produce ready-to-hire developers?

Courses cover a range of foundational and industry-specific topics, including Business Foundations, Cloud Fundamentals, Developer Fundamentals, and Getting Hired. Course modules address topics such as computer technology, architecting on AWS, compute, databases, networking, security, storage, Python, machine learning, data analytics, generative artificial intelligence (generative AI) using Amazon CodeWhisperer, sustainability, and more.

Services from AWS combine decades of machine learning experience across Amazon with breakthrough technologies poised to transform just about everything.

The program’s capstone projects incorporate experiential learning by requiring learners to solve known industry challenges. Learners design and develop a working application that demonstrates their skills and ability to use AWS services and Python code to create cloud-based solutions that solve real-world scenarios.

Learners also receive exam preparation and two vouchers for the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner and AWS Certified Developer Associate certification exams, both of which help validate their technical skills to potential employers. Upon graduation, learners also earn an AWS Cloud Institute program certificate.

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How will I build real-world skills and receive guidance from influential companies?

The program teaches learners technical skills and how to apply them to real-world tasks using scenarios based on actual customer use cases. With guidance from AWS expert instructors, learners also hone their skills in effective communication, problem solving, and teamwork.

A key component of AWS Cloud Institute is access and exposure to cloud experts from AWS customers and partner organizations. Learners hear directly from organizations, including Accenture and American Family Insurance, about cloud computing’s role in business innovation, projects cloud developers work on, and the skills and experience companies look for when hiring entry-level cloud developers. These organizations also provide networking opportunities to learners through recruitment events and job boards.

"We’re pleased to continue our collaboration with AWS on high-quality cloud computing training programs that are not only impactful, but also accessible and affordable,” said Sheldon Cuffie, American Family chief information officer. “American Family is committed to being purpose-driven, and that means providing opportunities so all can rise. We want learners, particularly those in communities that may be underrepresented or underresourced, to be able to prepare for successful technology careers. These training opportunities can lead to a highly qualified future talent pool as well as enhance the skills of our current employees.”

AWS skills trainings on generative AI offerings are available to everyone, with all levels of experience.

How much does the program cost?

The total cost for a learner who completes the program is $7,560 plus tax. Learners enrolled full time take three courses per quarter. Learners may also choose to enroll part time, taking one or two courses per quarter. Learners are billed in monthly installments depending on the selected course load—$210 for one course, $420 for two courses, or $630 for three courses.

A full-time learner taking three courses per quarter can complete the program in one year. A part-time learner taking one course per quarter can complete the program in up to three years.

How can I apply?

The program is currently offered in the U.S. to learners who are at least 18 years old and have a high school diploma or equivalency (e.g., GED diploma, HiSET diploma, associate degree, etc.). When applying, learners confirm their eligibility and complete a brief introductory course.

Classes for the inaugural term begin January 8, 2024. The deadline to apply for the first term is January 5, 2024 at 5 p.m. PST. Accepted applicants will be invited to enroll on a first-come, first-served basis.

Learn more about AWS Cloud Institute and apply today. Organizations interested in participating in the curriculum or hiring from the program can contact us for more information.