An Amazon device can entertain, delight, and save you time. Several devices together are even better.

Setting up a smart home is easy with Alexa, and we’ll teach you how in this final installment of our three-part series about getting the most from your Amazon devices. Earlier in the series, we showed you how to set up and connect Echo devices and how to enable features like using your Echo as a Bluetooth speaker, changing Alexa’s name and voice, and even connecting your Echo to your Fire TV.

These features are useful and fun, and they’re just the start of the entertainment and utility that Amazon devices can bring to you and your home.

The simplest way to maximize your devices even more is to connect them. That’s why we’ll now introduce you to several Amazon devices and services that can help make your home smart and more automated. They will help simplify your everyday routines, more seamlessly connect you with friends and family members, and even help protect your home.