It’s been a little over a year since we introduced Buy with Prime, one of Amazon’s direct-to-consumer (DTC) offerings, which helps merchants grow their ecommerce businesses on their own websites using the trusted and convenient shopping benefits of Prime that gets members everything they want and need, quickly and reliably.

Since then, we’ve been thrilled with merchants’ feedback, and it’s exciting to see businesses big and small using Buy with Prime to tackle two big challenges—acquiring new shoppers to their brand and converting those shoppers into customers.

New customers, more sales

With shoppers purchasing directly from merchants’ online stores, Buy with Prime allows merchants to build customer relationships and brand loyalty while offering conversion-driving benefits.

Acquisition strategies are hard to get right, but they’re one of the first things merchants tackle when trying to grow. That's where Buy with Prime comes in. Through the promise of fast, free delivery, a seamless checkout experience, and easy returns, we’re excited to report that Buy with Prime is helping merchants acquire new customers.

In fact, initial results show that, on average, three out of every four Buy with Prime orders are from new shoppers. Some merchants, like electrolyte drink company HydraLyte, are well beyond that—with nine out of every 10 Buy with Prime orders coming from customers new to their brand.

Our newest feature, Buy with Prime cart, is also starting to see early success with merchants.

In the past, shoppers using Buy with Prime could immediately purchase a single product with each order—similar to the “Buy Now” button on Amazon. While Prime members loved this quick and convenient shopping experience, they also enjoy more options. We’re excited to now offer cart functionality, so shoppers can purchase multiple Buy with Prime products in each transaction.

This new feature also increases the size of sales for businesses—merchants who used it first experienced a 15% increase in Buy with Prime units per order after adding cart to Buy with Prime checkout. Buy with Prime cart also helps merchants optimize fulfillment costs, because Amazon can now fulfill multiple Buy with Prime products in each shipment.

These impressive results are in addition to the 25% increase in shopper conversion, on average, that Buy with Prime has been shown to deliver for businesses—meaning more customers placed an order when Buy with Prime was available versus when it was not.

The Buy with Prime product suite is expanding

For over 20 years, Amazon has continued to add more and more value for Prime members, like fast, free delivery, exclusive deals, quality entertainment, and prescription savings—and we’re taking the same approach for Buy with Prime. We want merchants to get the most out of Buy with Prime, so we continue to introduce new features and tools.

Everyone knows about fast, free delivery—but here are some awesome Prime benefits you may not be taking advantage of.

We know merchants often face a “cold start” challenge when launching their own DTC site to complement the sales they make on Amazon. To help, we introduced Reviews from Amazon, so merchants can display their Amazon reviews on their own site at no additional cost—and it’s proving to be successful.

Early results show that merchants who added Reviews from Amazon to their site experienced a 38% increase in shopper conversion, on average. We believe when merchants can use the volume and authenticity of their Amazon reviews on their DTC sites, they drive more interest in a product and increase shopper confidence.

Buy with Prime is helping merchants with their post-purchase experience, too. Recently, we introduced Buy with Prime Assist, which gives merchants the option to offer 24/7 post-order customer service support through Amazon at no additional cost. By using a real-time chat feature, shoppers who use Buy with Prime can now ask questions related to shipping and delivery information or returning a product, giving merchants more time to focus on other ways to grow their businesses.

Simplifying the operational burden for businesses

In addition to acquiring new customers, merchants have shared the operational burden they face when running a business. With Buy with Prime, our goal is to make the day to day easier for them.

Recently, we announced our partnership with one of the largest ecommerce providers, Shopify. Not only have we made it easier to install Buy with Prime on Shopify stores, but we’re helping merchants save time and resources while running their business.

Our native integration with Shopify uses a merchant’s existing Shopify settings, customizations, and supported third-party app integrations. It also makes it easier for Shopify merchants to manage their businesses, with their inventory, pricing, and promotions automatically synced all in one place—their Shopify admin.

New AI capabilities make it easier for sellers to write engaging, effective product listings, and help shoppers find what they are looking for.

One of the more behind-the-scenes benefits of Buy with Prime is dual inventory use, because Buy with Prime orders are fulfilled using Amazon Multi-Channel Fulfillment (MCF). Whether an order comes in from a merchant’s own website or Amazon, the order is fulfilled using the same inventory pool within Amazon’s logistics network. This helps merchants reduce out-of-stock rates by an average of 13% and speeds up delivery times by placing inventory closer to shoppers.

This is all just the beginning. We’re going to keep providing merchants with new products, features, and integrations to help them engage new customers, convert more shoppers, and build brand loyalty.

Merchants can visit the Buy with Prime page learn more about using Buy with Prime to grow their DTC business. If you’d like to use Buy with Prime while shopping but aren’t a Prime member, you can sign-up and start your 30-day free Prime trial today.