Doorstep delivery and convenient pick up

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An Amazon associate, dramatically back lit by his work light, stacks shipping boxes labeled with the Amazon smile to the ceiling of a semi trailer.
At Amazon's BFI4 Fulfillment Center in Kent, Washington, an associate solves the puzzle of making the most efficient use of a truck's cargo space.
Photo by JORDAN STEAD / Amazon
Delivery and pickup options that work for you.
  • Free shipping for all
    Hundreds of millions of items ship free
    This holiday, customers can enjoy free shipping with no minimum purchase amount on orders that will arrive in time for Christmas, including items from Amazon’s expertly curated Gift Guides across electronics, fashion, home, and toys.
  • Fast shipping & early access to deals
    Same-day, one-day, or delivery in one-and-two hours
    Tens of millions of Prime members in the U.S. can choose from more than three million items available to ship with Prime FREE Same-Day delivery, on orders of $35 or more, in addition to unlimited Free Two-Day Shipping on more than 100 million items, reserved exclusively for Prime members. And, with Prime Now, Prime members in more than 30 major cities can benefit from one- and two-hour delivery on tens of thousands of items across dozens of categories, including household items, groceries, electronics, gifts, seasonal items, and more. Additionally, Prime members in more than 60 cities can receive delivery in as little as an hour from Whole Foods Market through Prime Now, making holiday feast planning even easier. Prime members in 37 cities and surrounding areas across the U.S. have access to Amazon Key, the service that improves the convenience of receiving deliveries and grants secure home or car access for guests. Prime offers the best of shopping and entertainment from Amazon – learn more or start a free trial.
  • Amazon Locker
    Pick up packages at your convenience
    If you prefer to pick up your packages when it’s convenient for you, Amazon Locker is a safe and secure way to receive Amazon packages - or easily make returns. Available in more than 900 cities and towns across the U.S., Amazon Lockers are strategically located near offices, convenience stores, grocery stores, apartment buildings, and malls.

    Making a trip to Whole Foods Market? As an added convenience, shoppers can also pick up and return eligible Amazon purchases and holiday gifts from Amazon Lockers, now available at nearly every Whole Foods Market store nationwide. Learn more about Amazon Locker or find the nearest Locker.
  • Hundreds of millions of items ship free
  • Same-day, one-day, or delivery in one-and-two hours
  • Pick up packages at your convenience
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