We want to make it dramatically easier for customers to secure the care they need to get and stay healthy, and one of the primary ways we’re trying to do this at Amazon is by providing customers with care options that work best for them and their life. A year and a half ago, we introduced Amazon Clinic, a pay-per-visit telehealth service available on Amazon.com and the Amazon app. Customers tell us they love using the service to quickly get care for conditions ranging from pink eye, the flu, or a sinus infection to urinary tract infections, eczema, or seasonal allergies. Today, we are changing the name of the service from Amazon Clinic to Amazon One Medical Pay-per-visit, and we are improving it by making per-visit pricing even more affordable and reducing the number of steps it takes for customers to start a visit on Amazon.com and in the Amazon app.
Customers now have two options when seeking care from Amazon One Medical—Pay-per-visit telehealth for 30+ common conditions (like pink eye, the flu, or a sinus infection), or Membership where customers pay a monthly or annual fee for on-demand virtual care, easy booking of same and next-day appointments at One Medical offices, and a differentiated primary care experience at 150+ offices across the U.S.
“It’s simply too hard to get the medical care you need, when you need it, and affordably—long waits, high costs, and impersonal care make it unnecessarily difficult for many patients today. We’re focused on improving both the occasional and ongoing medical care experience,” said Neil Lindsay, senior vice president of Amazon Health Services. “Amazon One Medical’s Pay-per-visit telehealth service makes it simpler for customers looking for care to see a provider, with fewer clicks and even lower per-visit pricing. With Amazon One Medical, customers can choose the medical care service that best meets their needs—a single visit for occasional, common conditions, or a membership that supports access to ongoing care with an app that makes things like getting on-demand virtual care, appointments and managing prescriptions fast and simple."

Amazon One Medical Pay-Per-Visit Service

With Amazon One Medical Pay-per-visit, customers can enjoy the same reliable, trusted telehealth experience of Amazon Clinic, with lower per-visit pricing and even fewer steps to start a visit. The service is currently available on Amazon.com or the Amazon mobile app, and customers can purchase a one-time virtual visit for any of 30+ common health concerns like acne, COVID-19, and erectile dysfunction. Amazon One Medical’s Pay-per-visit telehealth service is a great option for customers who do not live near a One Medical office or for those who already have a different primary care provider, but need fast, convenient access to address a one-off condition.
Messaging visits are now only $29, and video visits are $49—customers pay for care as they need it; insurance is not accepted or needed; and FSA/HSA payment is accepted. For messaging visits, a clinician reviews the customer's information, messages the customer, and customers respond at their convenience. The clinician then sends the customer a personalized treatment plan. For video visits, customers connect with a clinician in real time on a video call.

Amazon One Medical Membership

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One Medical’s membership-based primary care is a health care experience designed to deliver better ongoing care, with a care team that is on call and ready when and where you need them. Members can look after their long-term health with in-person annual “well visits” and preventive screenings at a One Medical office, manage new or ongoing conditions like diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, irritable bowel syndrome, migraines or other health concerns through in-person or remote visits, or meet virtually 24/7 with a health care provider about any current health concerns such as a cough, headache, or upset stomach. Amazon One Medical Membership is available to Prime members as a benefit for a discounted rate of $9 per month (or $99 per year), or for all other customers for $199 per year. Prime members can add up to five additional family members for a discounted rate of just $6 per month per member (or $66 per year).
One Medical Membership’s 24/7 on-demand virtual care includes video chats and easy in-app Treat Me Now services for immediate needs and common concerns like cold and flu, skin issues, allergies, and more—all at no extra cost. Members can also use the One Medical app to message their care team, access their health records, manage prescriptions, and easily book same and next-day remote or in-office appointments at 150+ locations across the U.S. Scheduled remote and in-person appointments, as well as drop-in lab services, are not covered by the membership fee and billed to insurance or paid out-of-pocket.
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Whether seeking a one-time visit to treat a common condition through Amazon One Medical’s Pay-per-visit telehealth service, engaging in ongoing primary care as an Amazon One Medical member, or getting affordable medications delivered to your door from Amazon Pharmacy, Amazon Health Services is committed to creating a better experience for our customers, members, and patients.