During Hispanic Heritage Month—and all year long—we honor the continued success of millions of Hispanic small businesses and the rich heritage of artisans who sell in our stores. Through our celebratory theme, Cultúra, we are spotlighting individuals () who help move the culture forward, because without there is no cultúra. More than half of all products in our store are sold by independent selling partners, most of which are small and medium-sized businesses. This includes the Hispanic-owned small businesses that help make Amazon a vibrant, diverse store by offering customers a wide selection of rich flavors, unique items, and locally sourced products. We are excited to celebrate the stories of some of these inspiring small business owners here.

Mr. Tortilla

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Growing up in a Hispanic household, Anthony and Ronald Alcazar were raised eating their mother’s homemade tortillas and wanted to find a way to replicate the delicious taste, but with a carb-conscious twist. As recent UCLA graduates, the Alcazar brothers set out to create the best tortilla in the world—one that was low-carb, keto-friendly, tasty, and sturdy enough to hold the many ingredients of a taco.

After years of fighting for a spot on grocery store shelves and selling directly to restaurant owners, the brothers decided to shift their focus to selling in our store as a springboard to their future growth and worldwide success. Since this partnership began, Mr. Tortilla’s products became global best sellers in our store, while they became one of the fastest-growing companies in Southern California.

“Over the past year, Amazon has connected our small business with Amazon Fresh, which has allowed us to create more jobs and sign a lease on a second factory. With up to 83 employees, 3,000% growth in 2021, and brand-new product launches, Mr. Tortilla has grown exponentially from our partnership with Amazon—and we’re thrilled to be top seller in the U.S., Canada, and the UK in the tortilla category!”

Luna Sundara

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As a native Peruvian who studied at the prestigious Parsons School of Design in New York City, Sandra Manay founded and grew her business, Luna Sundara, by sourcing directly from Latin American artisans. Luna Sundara showcases unique Latino craft to the world, including wild-crafted products like essential oils, incense sticks, jewelry, and home décor.

Cultúra celebrates the individuals who move Hispanic culture forward, because without tú there is no cultura.

Manay began selling responsibly sourced palo santo products from the dry forests of Ecuador and Peru in our store in 2015. With our partnership, she has been able to access an international audience while maintaining her company’s roots in Latin American artisanship, creating jobs in rural communities, and personalizing the buying experience for customers.

“During the pandemic, Luna Sundara grew faster than we could have imagined. Selling in Amazon’s store was a gift that allowed us to continue growing as a small business and personalize our brand, while not having to deal with complex logistics. Since 2020, we have been able to move to a warehouse, hire more employees, and create opportunities in local communities within Ecuador, Peru, and Latin America countries. Thanks to Amazon’s help, we’ve been able to reach a wider international audience and share Luna Sundara with the world, and, most importantly, showcase the artisans behind the products that we sell.”


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Founded by Panamanian-Cuban brothers, Daniel and Antonio Caballero, FILLO'S is a line of fully cooked beans seasoned with sofrito—a cooking base used throughout Latin America to give foods their unique flavor. The inspiration to start their business came from their Cuban father, who taught them from childhood that beans seasoned with sofrito are not only part of their Cuban heritage, but full of flavor and nutrients. FILLO'S journey with us began early at Whole Foods Market stores in the Midwest, where they sold their product, and they now have an Amazon storefront. Due to FILLO’S success, the brand is now expanding and introducing a new product line—Walking Tamales, a shelf-stable line of ready-to-eat, clean-ingredient tamales.

"Amazon has been a great partner to help us launch our growing Latin American food brand, FILLO’S. Through Amazon, we’re able to develop deeper connections with our customers and study the feedback we receive. We value all the comments and are especially keen to hear from other shoppers like us, who grew up enjoying traditional Latin American food. We also appreciate the support we have received from Amazon and Whole Foods Market since starting the brand. Without their support of FILLO’S, it would have been more difficult to bring the traditional foods of our childhood to a broad audience. Without doubt, Amazon and Whole Foods Market have been amazing partners.”

Luna Magic

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Shaira and Mabel Frías wanted to honor their mutual love for their multicultural heritage and started Luna Magic in 2019. Born in Miami and raised in New York by Dominican parents, the sisters leaned into their passion by introducing the makeup industry to quality cosmetics that represent Latin authenticity and diversity. Luna Magic offers a vibrant makeup line that encompasses collections of eyeshadow palettes, liquid lipsticks, and lashes. In the midst of a global pandemic, Shaira and Mabel have been able to create a community through Luna Magic, connecting Afro-Latinas from all over the world.

"Through Amazon, we have found a new channel to acquire customers that we normally would not be able to reach. Our Amazon partners have guided and supported us to successfully grow our storefront and empower the LUNA MAGIC brand from engaging influencers through Amazon Live, multiple marketing opportunities through Amazon’s Black Business Accelerator, and biweekly one-on-ones with account managers to continuously help us see growth."

Celebrate Hispanic small business owners

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