An Army special ops leader takes on Amazon operations
Veterans find satisfying missions in civilian careers. Continue Reading
Opportunities for veterans
At Amazon, we have teams and programs dedicated to finding opportunities to train and employ military veterans and their spouses.

We're constantly looking for leaders who think big, have a bias for action, and deliver results on behalf of our customers. We think veterans and military spouses are a great fit here at Amazon and employ thousands of them across our businesses.

Honoring the military community

A celebration to unveil Amazon Air's 40th plane, in honor of our military community.

Taking his robot for a walk

Air Force veteran Tim Macfarlane joined Amazon and created a DIY invention that helps people and robots collaborate.

Sarah Rhoads, Navy veteran and Regional Director of Operations

An interview with Sarah Rhoads, a Navy veteran and Regional Director of Operations.

This Navy fighter pilot found a new mission with Amazon

As head of Amazon Air, Sarah Rhoads is one of thousands of veterans working at Amazon.

New AWS certification benefit for US veterans

This new benefit, which we worked with the Veterans Affairs department to make possible, is intended to help U.S. veterans achieve success in their post-military careers.
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Hiring military veterans

At Amazon, we employ over 17,500 veterans and military spouses—in roles ranging from our fulfillment center associates to executives in our corporate offices.

Serving up solutions while roping in business

After building his own company on the backbone of Amazon and recently relocating, former Marine diver and parachutist Sean Brownlee now helps fellow veterans and other entrepreneurs navigate the online retail waters—no matter where they’re located.

Honoring Veterans Day

In 2015, Amazon hired more than 3,800 military veterans into full-time roles across the company here in the United States.
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