Fourth grade friends and small business owners, rodeo athletes, singer-songwriters, robotics whiz kids, star bakers, and inspirational teachers. They are all part of this tightknit community in eastern Oregon, and they are all connected to AWS.
A photo of a mother and her son sitting at a desk looking at a laptop device.
Data Centered: Eastern Oregon is a five-part mini-documentary series looking at the real-life impact of the more than $15 billion investment AWS has made in the local community, and how the company supports jobs, generates economic growth, provides skills training and education, and unlocks opportunities for local businesses an suppliers.
The new series follows Alma Nuñez Lezama as she prepares her custom designed cookies for an AWS event; fencing contractors Shawn Eng and Ted Brittner as they strengthen the foundation for a business they hope to pass to the next generation; AWS data center employees Dallin Puzey, Fidel Contreras, and Tasha Engum who are excelling in their careers, without having previous tech experience; community college teacher Pete Hernberg and his latest class of data center technicians in training; and the award-winning Umatilla High School robotics team as they gear up for another year of competition.
Together with their family and friends, they share their stories, their passion for their hometowns, and their hopes and dreams for the future.
Watch more of Data Centered: Eastern Oregon:
  • Trailer
  • Episode 1: I run a small bakery in Oregon. Here’s how AWS and tech help my custom cookie business.
  • Episode 2: How a pro rodeo rider and AWS team up to keep eastern Orgeon's data centers secure
  • Episode 3: AWS helped me learn how to build a computer from scratch. Here's how you can do the same.
  • Episode 4: A small eastern Oregon high school is investing big in robotics with help from AWS
  • Episode 5: An AWS technician gives us a tour of a data center in eastern Oregon—see what it's like inside