Amazon Web Services (AWS) is making the use of generative artificial intelligence (generative AI) easy, practical, secure, and cost-effective for customers across multiple industries. We believe that generative AI and machine learning (ML) are transformational technologies. There will not be one generative AI model that will rule them all, and the best way to serve our customers is by giving them a choice of models.

Here are 5 key takeaways on how generative AI can accelerate progress on the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

Offering multiple foundation models (FMs) is especially important to the public sector, which comprises governments, educational institutions, nonprofits, aerospace entities, and health care organizations that are exploring how to use generative AI to satisfy the evolving needs of citizens around the globe. We’re excited that AWS Partners are using these technologies to address challenges like securely managing complex data sets, detecting cybersecurity threats, and more.

Already we see a variety of AWS Partners taking public sector customers into this fresh, innovative territory, using generative AI solutions to deliver value while meeting their diverse needs and stringent compliance requirements.

Simple and rapid application adoption

In collaboration with AWS, partners are building generative AI-enabled applications that are easy to procure and designed for rapid adoption. Simplicity for adoption and procurement stands as a crucial factor for public sector organizations when embracing generative AI. Organizations that must manage complex datasets, particularly those in health care and government, can consider a new suite of solutions from AWS Partner C3 AI, designed to provide secure, efficient information retrieval and analysis.

“The new C3 Generative AI Suite is designed with government and public sector organizations in mind,” said Thomas M. Siebel, CEO of C3 AI. “Our product significantly improves efficiency and productivity for users and enterprises through rapid information retrieval and data analysis, while maintaining security and access controls. Even the procurement process is simple. These offerings are all available in the AWS Marketplace for fast onboarding, and customers can see results in less than 12 weeks.”

Document management is also critical for education, state and local governments, and health care organizations. Customers like these that manage large amounts of structured and unstructured data and documents can consider deploying Quantiphi’s QDox, an intelligent document processing solution built by Quantiphi and powered by AWS.

“QDox now has generative AI capabilities and leverages core services such as Amazon Bedrock, Amazon SageMaker, and others,” said Jim Keller, AWS global CEO at Quantiphi. “Public sector customers can now empower knowledge workers to be more efficient, provide more accurate constituent service, and help ensure compliance.”

Secure, responsible generative AI for public sector organizations

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Public sector organizations face rigorous security requirements and AWS insists on high security standards across all of our services. With security and privacy built in since launch, Amazon Bedrock customers can trust that their data remains protected. None of the customer’s data is used to train the original base FMs. All data is encrypted at rest and in transit. And you can expect the same AWS access controls that you have with any other AWS service. To build on this foundation and introduce new security and governance capabilities—Amazon Bedrock is now a HIPAA eligible service and can be used in compliance with GDPR, allowing even more customers to benefit from generative AI. New governance capabilities include integration with Amazon CloudWatch to track usage metrics and build customized dashboards and integration with AWS CloudTrail to monitor API activity and troubleshoot issues. These new governance and security capabilities help organizations unlock the potential of generative AI, even in highly regulated industries, and ensure that data remains protected.

Amazon Bedrock goes GA with new AI models in the mix, plus AI-assisted coding customized for your organization, a generative AI boost for business analysts, and more (free) ways to get your AI skills dialed.

In addition to providing that secure foundation, AWS is working with partners who develop cybersecurity solutions powered by generative AI to elevate the ability to stop breaches. For example, CrowdStrike now offers a generative AI security analyst called Charlotte AI that uses high-fidelity security data in a tight human feedback loop to simplify and speed investigations, and react quickly to threats.

"Governments, health care organizations, schools, and other public sector entities can use Charlotte AI to identify and respond to real-time risks and threats, and leverage Amazon Bedrock to empower customers with faster search, reporting, and automation to stay ahead of adversaries,” said Elia Zaitsev, global chief technology officer at CrowdStrike.

At AWS, we are committed to secure and responsible AI development. Amazon CodeWhisperer is an AI coding companion with built-in security scanning for finding and resolving hard-to-detect vulnerabilities. And the Amazon Titan family of foundation models is built to detect and remove harmful content in the data that customers provide for customization. Global business and technology consulting company Slalom is leveraging AWS services like Amazon Bedrock, Titan, and more to support public sector agencies, including educational institutions, to harness the power of generative AI while keeping security and accountability in mind.

“By promoting accountability, data privacy, equitable solutions, and human review, we help our customers identify valuable use cases for generative AI and strike the right balance between human and AI,” said Gretchen Peri, managing director of Americas Public and Social Impact Industry at Slalom.

Taking Gen AI from concept to reality

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These are still early days for generative AI. There is so much more to invent and iterate. The AWS Partner community is an integral part in bringing generative AI applications from concept to reality.

Amazon commits to continued collaboration with the White House, policymakers, technology organizations, and the AI community to advance the responsible and secure use of AI.

For example, AWS Premier Partner Leidos recently held an Experience-Based Accelerator (EBA) with AWS to build a generative AI training module based on large language models using AWS services. The AWS-Leidos EBA provided hands-on keyboard experience and collaboration between the technical teams.

“We confirmed a generative AI reference architecture pattern related to model selection and model assessment, and established a playbook with the understanding of roles, costs, and AWS services to successfully implement a generative AI project in AWS,” said Kevin Chin, director of generative AI at Leidos.

At AWS, we’re excited about generative AI’s potential to transform public sector organizations of all sizes. Together, we will build and deliver the most comprehensive suite of foundation models, applications, and developer tools to support the diverse needs of our customers.

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