Welcome to our redesigned Amazon Fresh grocery stores!
Amazon’s goal is to build a best-in-class grocery-shopping experience, where we’re the first choice for selection, value, and convenience. We obsess over our customers and are constantly listening to their feedback to find ways to improve our grocery offerings.
To deliver a better shopping experience, Amazon Fresh has brought an expanded selection, low prices on even more grocery items, and greater convenience with updated checkout options to our stores in Schaumburg and Oak Lawn, Illinois. Here’s a peek inside these redesigned Amazon Fresh stores.

Expanded selection, with more than 1,500 new national and private label products

Amazon Fresh offers an unparalleled selection of top brands from national names, as well as high-quality protein and produce, and private label favorites. We are excited to introduce hundreds of new national and private label products across the aisles in these refreshed stores to customers, with the biggest increases in dairy, snacks, home care, health, and baking products.
A photo of a customer reaching for a frosting container on a shelf inside an Amazon Fresh store.
These refreshed stores are now destinations for everything you need to entertain. Customers can shop a dedicated department offering a wide selection of crackers, cheeses, and charcuterie from local and national brands. These stores now also offer a wider selection of international flavors, including a robust naan bread selection and international condiments and sauces from around the world.
A photo of different cheeses on display in a case inside an Amazon Fresh store.
Customers can pick up new grab & go sandwiches, salads, wraps, and snack boxes for those busy weekends filled with family activities, or stop in after work to grab take-and-bake pizzas, ready-to-heat burritos, and ready-made meals to simplify dinner plans.
A photo of pizzas on display for sale inside an Amazon Fresh store.
These two refreshed stores now feature Krispy Kreme Doughnut shops offering a variety of fresh doughnuts, and an expansive selection of iced coffee, hot coffee, espresso drinks, and frozen lattes that can be customized with extra espresso shots and flavors. This is the first Krispy Kreme shop of its kind in Amazon Fresh, and we know customers will love being able to grab fan favorites like the iconic Original Glazed®, Chocolate Iced Glazed with Sprinkles, and Glazed Raspberry Filled doughnuts while shopping for their families, or before heading out to run the rest of their errands.
A photo of a Krispy Kreme donut kiosk inside an Amazon Fresh store.

Amazon Fresh stores are backed by Amazon’s commitment to value

Our team is committed to delivering value to our customers in every aisle across all of our locations. Since November 2022, Amazon Fresh has lowered prices on thousands of items and tripled the size of the promotion plan to deliver millions of dollars in savings to customers. Across all of our stores, Amazon Fresh now offers customers every day sales, low prices on even more core grocery items, and Prime member exclusive deals in-store each and every day. Prime members get a discount of 10% off on hundreds of items across the aisles.
A photo of a self checkout stand within an Amazon Fresh store.Amazon Dash Cart

Relentless focus on convenience for customers

Building the best-in-class shopping experience means also giving customers choices for how to shop. For added convenience, customers will now have the option to use the latest version of the Dash Cart, a smart shopping cart that makes it easier than ever to shop the store, discover new items, find the best deals, and skip the checkout line. Because everyone is welcome in our store, we’ve also installed self-checkout, giving customers even more ways to save time on their grocery trips and pick what works best for them.
A photo of a customer using the self checkout at an Amazon Fresh store.
For kids shopping with their families, these stores will have several fun offerings, including kid-friendly shopping carts, stickers, and a new “Fruit Freebies for Kids'' program, which invites families with kids to grab a piece of fruit from a special cart in the produce department. Additionally, the store will host several seasonal events with entertainment for the whole family.
A photo of fruit in a fruit stand for kids inside an Amazon Fresh store.
Amazon Fresh is excited to hear the customer response to the changes across these stores. Learn more about Amazon Fresh, and find a location near you.
Interested in exploring options beyond Amazon Fresh? Amazon has many different customers with many different needs, and it’s our job to meet them where they are. We do this through our other stores—Whole Foods Market and Amazon Go—each of which offer an unparalleled range of brands, a commitment to value, and the convenience that Amazon is known for.