In 2020, we launched Amazon Pharmacy to make it easier for customers to get the medications they need.
Getting your prescription filled and delivered should be as easy as shopping on Amazon—and with our large selection of medications, availability in all 50 states, affordable prices, and fast shipping, using Amazon Pharmacy is just that.
To understand more about what we offer at Amazon Pharmacy, here are 10 quick facts:

We offer common medications for a flat rate of $5 a month through RxPass

Our new Prime membership benefit RxPass* lets you get as many eligible medications as you need for just $5 a month—no matter how many prescriptions you have.
overhead view of a woman holding a pillbox in one hand and taking a pill out with the other hand with a marble sink counter in the background and a pill bottle from amazon pharmacy sitting on top of the counter
With this program, you can save up to 69% on each medication, plus they can be automatically refilled and delivered to you for free. When browsing all medications, just look for Included with RxPass or view the list of all eligible medications here.

We automatically apply coupons on eligible medications

Some customers don’t know that manufacturers’ coupons on brand-name medications exist. Others spend too much time and effort hunting down these coupons. We remove the burden by showing you eligible coupons on the product page and applying them at checkout if they’re available for you. What’s more, some can be combined with insurance to bring the price of your medication even lower.

Our pharmacists are on call 24/7 to answer your questions

Taking and managing your medications can be confusing. That’s why licensed Amazon pharmacists, like lead pharmacist Andrew Vo, are available around the clock to help you with all your concerns. They can share how best to store your medication, talk you through potential side effects, and help you manage your prescription routine.
Contact an Amazon Pharmacy pharmacist: 855-745-5725

Find even more Prime savings on 90-day supply prescriptions

Many medications are available in 30- or 90-days’ supply. If you ask your prescriber for a 90-day supply, you’ll often save money on a per-unit basis.

We accept most insurance plans

Insurance isn’t required to use Amazon Pharmacy, but if you do want to use insurance, just sign into your profile and add your information. Then you’ll see your copay price for each medication.
Regardless of whether you choose to use your insurance, we'll show you both the copay price with insurance and the lowest price without insurance, including any savings for Amazon Prime members. You can also use multiple insurance plans, drug coupons, and drug discount cards to save more.

We deliver right to your door—no need to wait in line

Amazon Pharmacy delivers quickly and securely to all 50 U.S. states. Prime members enjoy free 2-day delivery, while non-Prime customers get free 4- or 5-day delivery, or 2-day delivery for $5.99 per order.
We deliver all medication in discreet packaging, and if your medication requires refrigeration, we’ll deliver it to you in temperature-safe packaging.

We’re led by experts at the top of their field

Amazon’s commitment to quality healthcare doesn’t end at the pharmacy—it involves an entire team of clinicians. At the helm of Amazon Pharmacy is Chief Medical Officer Dr. Vin Gupta, a national leader in public health, a practicing pulmonologist, and a critical care air transport physician with the U.S. Air Force Medical Reserve Corps.
Image of hand pulling out a medication bottle from Amazon Pharmacy out of an open Amazon Prime cardboard box sitting on top of a kitchen countertop

We integrate seamlessly with Amazon’s other health services

Customers who use One Medical or our telehealth service Amazon Clinic are able to fill their prescription through Amazon Pharmacy. One Medical is a primary care practice offering seamless 24/7 virtual care and in-person care at over 200 offices across the U.S. Services range from preventative and common illnesses, to women’s health, chronic health management, mental health support, and more.
Available 24/7 on, Amazon Clinic can connect you with a licensed clinician for many common health conditions like urinary tract infections, allergies, dandruff, and birth control. If you’re unable to visit a doctor’s office, using Amazon Clinic in combination with Amazon Pharmacy is a perfect way to fulfill your health needs from the comfort of home.

We work alongside another Amazon service, PillPack

While Amazon Pharmacy sends all of your medications in their individual bottles, there’s another route you can take. PillPack, brought to you by Amazon Pharmacy, sorts all your prescriptions, vitamins, and supplements into daily doses that are then sealed in convenient packets.
It saves you time spent sorting out all your different medications, and you can even choose to label the specific time of day you need to take your doses.

We’ve been named a top online pharmacy

Major outlets like Forbes,, and CNET have all named Amazon Pharmacy one of the best online pharmacies for its speed, convenience, and affordability.
We’ll continue to build upon Amazon Pharmacy’s success and add more features to make it even more accessible for customers.
*RXPASS IS NOT INSURANCE. Only certain medications are eligible for purchase under the program. Other limitations apply, see the full RxPass Terms.