Amazon and Whole Foods Market scored high marks in the American Innovation Index (Aii) from Fordham’s Gabelli School of Business and market research firm Rockbridge Associates. The index scores rank innovativeness of U.S. companies based on customer experience. Amazon came in No. 8 overall in the general merchandise retailers/e-tailers category, while Whole Foods Market ranked No. 2 in the supermarkets category. Innovation is at Amazon’s core, and it’s how we started in grocery back in 2007. Innovation remains a key principle as we obsess over customers, invent on their behalf, and make the chore of shopping for groceries easier.

Amazon doubles down on palm recognition across Whole Foods Market stores.

Before Amazon Go opened its doors in 2018, teams thought about how to improve shopping for groceries in a store, imagining a world without long lines or crowded checkouts. We’re extremely proud of the work we’ve done to pioneer in-store technologies like Just Walk Out technology, which powers many of our stores today. In addition to Just Walk Out technology, the Amazon Dash Cart enables customers to scan items as they shop, and Amazon One offers customers a fast, convenient, contactless way to use their palm to pay. “In-store mode” in the Amazon app helps customers navigate the aisles of our Amazon Fresh stores to find what they need and makes coupons easily accessible so they can save more. With Prime, members get exclusive discounts and savings across our stores, no matter how they choose to shop. These are just a few ways we’re making grocery shopping seamless.

A photo of the screen on an Amazon Fresh cart.
Amazon Dash cart is as high-tech cart that lets you scan items as you shop and exit through the Amazon Dash Cart lane when you’re done.

Customers shop for groceries frequently, from a grab-and-go trip to a weekly shop. That’s why we’ll continue to invest in innovative technologies and services that offer customers unmatched convenience when it comes to shopping for groceries. Our commitment to innovation is an important part of how we’ll build a best-in-class grocery shopping experience where Amazon is the first choice for selection, value, and convenience—whether shopping in store or online.

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