Ever since we announced Amazon’s new headquarters (HQ2) in Arlington, Virginia, we prioritized listening to our neighbors and partners to ensure HQ2 was woven into the fabric of the local community, and focused on design aspects that highlight the splendor of Virginia, the Potomac River, and our National Capital Region.
Amazon’s Metropolitan Park at HQ2, which opened its doors in May, delivers on those intentions, providing neighbors and visitors with access to a revitalized two-and-a-half-acre public park, new restaurants and retail options from 14 local, small business retailers, and more. Similarly, on the ground floor of Met Park’s Merlin building we recently debuted a new, interactive venue—called the Amazon Visitor Landing—which showcases what we’re excited about and working on here at Amazon.
This space was thoughtfully designed so community members and Amazon partners can convene and collaborate on issues that we collectively face. The Amazon Visitor Landing name pays homage to this community-focused intention (“Visitor”) and its geographical location within National Landing (“Landing”). Amazon’s core values are built into the walls themselves through various interactive exhibits and “surprise and delight” moments, inviting visitors to learn about the company’s history and our innovative products and services, and hear directly from the customers, sellers, and community partners who motivate and support these efforts.
“As the site of our new second headquarters, Amazon believes that the National Landing neighborhood is a great place for our employees, the community, and business,” said Brian Huseman, vice president of public policy and community engagement for Amazon. “The Amazon Visitor Landing will be a destination for community leaders and visiting delegations from around the world, exhibiting the many innovations and products that have delighted our customers for decades.”
Amazon Visitor Landing’s window displays provide a fun and interactive overview of Amazon’s many offerings to passersby walking along 15th Street South. On entry, guests are greeted by a wall showcasing illuminated text of Amazon’s Leadership Principles. The artwork throughout the space provides an aura of calm and honors the communities Amazon is a part of—from wall art inspired by the riverbanks of the Potomac to wood paneling hailing from Amazon’s first home in Washington to a living wall with floral diversity on par with The Spheres at Seattle’s headquarters (HQ1) and other leading botanical gardens.
The people who bring the magic of Amazon to life are the focus of this space—from employees to community partners and small business sellers. Accessibility features are ubiquitous—from lighting optimized for the visually impaired to specially designed check-in desks so guests using wheelchairs can comfortably move throughout the area.
As you walk through the facility, you are greeted by exhibits showing the mission, history, and people of Amazon. By The Numbers proudly showcases the company’s dedication to creating good jobs and giving back to the community, with screens displaying figures relating to Amazon’s $750 billion in investment in the U.S. over the past decade. You’ll also see examples of Amazon’s ongoing philanthropic and humanitarian efforts, like the company’s more than $2 billion Amazon Housing Equity Fund.

Voices of Amazon: Stories of who we are

One of the most meaningful exhibits is called Voices of Amazon. Here, interactive screens show images and videos of employees, partners, and sellers sharing their personal stories. Countless people contribute to Amazon being the most consumer-centric company and best employer on Earth, and these stories help keep us motivated and grounded. Visitors can practically have face-to-face conversations with these inspirational and remarkable individuals.
The interior and exterior of the Amazon Visitor Landing is adorned with exhibits that highlight and extol Amazon’s values. Inspired by how the smile in Amazon’s logo connects the “A” to the “Z,” the facade and interior showcase the values Amazon holds dear that start with each letter.
Amazon's HQ2 interactive visitor center.
Here are some of those letters and the pillars of Amazon that they represent:
Amazon's HQ2 interactive visitor center.
A for Alexa—Since launching in 2014, Alexa and Alexa-enabled devices have improved and enriched consumers’ lives. From simple tasks like playing music, provisioning the weather, and setting a timer to more complex operations like controlling smart home devices, keeping family members connected, and so much more, Alexa makes life easier, more meaningful, and more fun.
Amazon's HQ2 interactive visitor center.
B for Books—Jeff Bezos founded Amazon as a bookstore in 1995 with a vision to offer Earth’s biggest book selection. Today, readers using Amazon around the world can read millions of books in dozens of languages at great prices in their format of choice, and adults have an unprecedented ability to publish their work and reach their audience.
Amazon's HQ2 interactive visitor center.
F for Fashion—Amazon believes that fashion is for everyone, whether you want to stand out or blend in. Our vision is to make Amazon’s stores the most-loved fashion destinations globally, reflecting the diversity of our customers, inclusive of all sizes, budgets, and style preferences.
Amazon's HQ2 interactive visitor center.
M for MusicAmazon Music serves up innovative audio entertainment with unparalleled experiences and choices for fans and artists. Listen free, get more with Prime, or go Unlimited. Amazon Music expands the possibilities for every kind of listener—casual to connoisseur. Plus, the service fits seamlessly into everyday life. Tune in with the app, go online, or stream any Alexa-enabled device.
Amazon's HQ2 interactive visitor center.
Z for Zip ToExplore all there is to see at our HQ2. Metropolitan Park features a two-and-a-half-acre public park and 700-person event space for Amazon and community use. Amenities at Met Park include 19 landscaped terraces featuring outdoor meeting spaces, dog runs, and an urban farm.
We welcome you to Amazon Visitor Landing. When community groups enter the space—whether they be local students or Amazon employees—the goal is for every person to know that Amazon respects, honors, and appreciates them.
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