Below are tips to stay in touch with family and friends, even when you can’t connect in person.

1. Download the Amazon Photos mobile app
The free Amazon Photos mobile app (on the App Store or Google Play) can safely secure memories now and in the future. Free up space on your devices enjoy easy print options, and keep your memories safe. To save your photos automatically, go to your Amazon Photos “Settings” on the mobile app and turn on “Auto-Save.”

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2. Use your Fire TV and Echo Show as digital photo frames
From the Amazon Photos mobile app, tap “More,” then “Personalize Echo Show & Fire TV” to choose which Fire TV or Echo Show device you want to personalize. Enable “Daily Memories” or select “Add More Collections” to display an existing collection.

3. Say cheese
Your Echo Show device can take photos, whenever you want. Just say, “Alexa, take a photo.” Strike a pose. Say cheese. Alexa counts down (3, 2, 1) before taking your picture, which is automatically saved to Amazon Photos. Try out more Alexa’s voice-powered commands, like “Show my photos” and “Play a slideshow.” All you have to do is ask.

4. Share a smile
Send smiles to friends and family—log in to the Amazon Photos mobile app, select an image, then tap the share icon. You can search for recipients by your contacts by name, email address, or phone number, and share through your medium of choice, including text, email, and your social media feed.

5. Check out photos from years past
Get a blast from the past with “This Day.” The feature curates a selection of photo memories and automatically displays them as a photo collage. Open the Amazon Photos mobile app and click on a date to view your picture from that day in years past.

6. Create this season’s photo album
Gather sets of photos in one place, and share them at a moment’s notice. Here’s how: open the Amazon Photos web page, select “Albums,” then “Create Album.” Name your album and add photos.

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7. Order prints
Order custom photo gifts to share favorite moments with loved ones. Open the Amazon Photos mobile app, tap “Prints,” then select from products like prints, wall décor, photo books, and more.

8. Build memories together in a private group
Create private, invitation-only groups with either the Amazon Photos mobile app or the webpage to share photos with a select group of people. To create a group using the webpage select “Sharing,” then “Create Group.” Select your content, label your album, invite members, and share secured memories. Your group members can add images as well for collaborative memory building.