From fast shipping to quality streaming entertainment with Prime Video, a Prime membership goes a long way. With Amazon Household, the benefits go even further. Learn how you can use Amazon Household to share these benefits and digital content with the people you love.
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What is Amazon Household?

Amazon Household is a feature that lets you share numerous benefits with another adult, teens, and children, helping you make the most of your Prime membership. Your Household can include up to six members (two adults, up to four teens, and up to four children), and it’s easy to add or remove members and share content with each other.

What Prime benefits can you share on Amazon Household?

Amazon Household members can share these benefits:
  • Free Prime delivery
  • Prime Video streaming access
  • Free books with Prime Reading and Amazon First Reads
  • Amazon photos and album sharing
  • Early access to Lightning Deals
You can also share digital content, including eBooks, audiobooks, apps, and games.
    Exceptions: While teens can shop on Prime through Amazon Household, children cannot.
    Teens can have their own Amazon login to shop or stream content, and can pay using the card or gift card of an adult in an Amazon Household. Before the order ships, adults can review the items, shipping, and payment information.
    Adults can add children to a Household to manage parental controls on Fire tablets and Kindle e-readers through Kindle FreeTime. They can personalize each child's experience by selecting what content they are able to see, and set educational goals and time limits.
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    How to set up Amazon Household

    To get started, visit the Amazon Household page and choose Add Adult, Add a Teen, or Add a Child. For adults, you can either send an email invite or sign up together to verify your accounts. For teens, you can send an email invite and the teen must accept in order to set up their login. No invite is necessary to add children.
    Once you’ve created your Amazon Household, you can review your content-sharing settings in the Family Library. Check the boxes where you’d like to share content, and uncheck the boxes where you don’t wish to share content. You can change these sharing settings at any point in the future.

    How many adults and children can be part of one Amazon Household?

    You can have up to six people in your Amazon Household, comprising:
    • Up to two adults (ages 18 and up). Each must have their own Amazon account.
    • Up to four teens (ages 13 through 17). Teens can have their own Amazon login to shop or stream content with parental approval.
    • Up to four children (children can't shop on Amazon).

    Can Amazon Household members see each other’s orders or content?

    It depends on whether they’re an adult, teen, or child. Adults cannot see each other’s orders or content as long as they use their own individual accounts. For teens, adults can review and approve the items, shipping, and payment information of their teen’s orders. Adults can also set a limit for how much their teen spends without needing approval. Lastly, adults can see and control content viewed by children in their Amazon Household.

    How much is Amazon Household?

    Amazon Household is free to use and set up. Only one adult in the Household needs to have a Prime membership.

    How to use Amazon Household with Alexa

    After you’ve set up Amazon Household online or in the Amazon app, you can say “Alexa, switch accounts” to switch between your various Amazon Household accounts. Say “Alexa, which account is this?” to find out the account that Alexa is currently using.
    With Alexa-enabled devices, you can view Amazon Photos on Echo devices with a screen, hear notifications from all linked accounts (all members must turn off these notifications in order to stop them), make and receive Alexa calls and messages for all linked accounts, and share shopping lists.

    How to leave Amazon Household

    To leave an Amazon Household, go to Manage Your Household and select Leave below your avatar name. Once you leave, only the primary Amazon Prime member will keep the Prime benefits and you'll no longer have access to shared content in the Family Library. Keep in mind you won't be able to join a different Amazon Household for 180 days.
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