A new survey* from Prime Video found that 91% of Americans plan to dive head-first into Halloween content this season, including watching Halloween movies or TV shows (80%), tuning into true-crime or paranormal-themed podcasts (40%), listening to Halloween music playlists (32%), or playing horror video games (25%).

Prime is many memberships rolled into one. With thousands of titles to choose from on Prime Video, brand-new curated playlists on Amazon Music, creepy video games through Prime Gaming, and so much more, it’s time to (trick or) treat yourself to the best Halloween entertainment.    

Prime Video offers a massive library of movies, series, and sports.

Here are the films, series, podcasts, games, and stories to get in the Halloween spirit with Amazon this year.

Halloween movies and shows on Prime Video

This season, try Prime Video’s Watch Party feature to chat with up to 100 friends while you watch movies and TV shows online together. If you tend to be a bit sensitive to scary movies, the Prime Video Halloween Hoodie is also worth looking into. This hoodie has a built-in eye mask to cover your eyes, as well as handy pockets for treats, your phone, and even a FireTV remote. A limited number of Prime Video Halloween Hoodies are available to purchase for $10.31 starting Friday, October 13.

Amazon Halloween entertainment content.

Grab your Prime Video Halloween Hoodie then set up a Watch Party to binge the following movies and series on Prime Video.

'Totally Killer’

Amazon Halloween entertainment content.

When the infamous "Sweet Sixteen Killer" returns 35 years after his first murder spree to claim another victim, 17-year-old Jamie (Kiernan Shipka) accidentally travels back in time to 1987, determined to stop the killer before he can start.

'Make Me Scream’

Amazon Halloween entertainment content.

Hosted by horror fanatics and life-partners Tempestt Bledsoe (The Cosby Show) and Darryl M. Bell (A Different World), this hilariously horrifying Halloween special features three celebrity teams—led by Jaleel White (Family Matters), Shoniqua Shandai (Harlem), and rapper Lil Xan—that embark on a game where they must face a series of bone-chilling scare zones while trying NOT to scream, in order to survive the night and take home the prestigious Medal of Mayhem.


Amazon Halloween entertainment content.

A roboticist working on a life-like toy android named M3GAN takes in her orphaned niece. She pairs the two up, trying to solve for both issues … and it does not go as planned.


Amazon Halloween entertainment content.

The residents of a lonely gulch in inland California bear witness to an uncanny and chilling discovery.

'The Addams Family'

Amazon Halloween entertainment content.

Get ready to snap your fingers! The Addams Family is back on the big screen in the first animated comedy about the kookiest family on the block. Funny, outlandish, and utterly iconic, the Addams Family redefines what it means to be a good neighbor.

Creepy podcasts on Amazon Music

'My Favorite Murder'

An Amazon Music Podcast cover.

My Favorite Murder is a true-crime comedy podcast hosted by Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark. Each week, the duo share compelling true crimes and hometown stories from friends and listeners. Since MFM launched in January 2016, Kilgariff and Hardstark have shared their lifelong interest in true crime and have covered stories of infamous serial killers like the Night Stalker, mysterious cold cases, captivating cults, incredible survivor stories and important events from history like the Tulsa race massacre of 1921.

'Dr. Death'

An Amazon Music Podcast cover.

We’re at our most vulnerable when we go to our doctors. We trust the person at the other end of that scalpel. We trust the hospital. We trust the system. Christopher Duntsch was a neurosurgeon who radiated confidence. He claimed he was the best in Dallas. If you had back pain, and had tried everything else, Dr. Duntsch could give you the spine surgery that would take your pain away. But soon his patients started to experience complications, and the system failed to protect them. Which begs the question: Who—or what—is that system meant to protect? From Wondery, the network behind the hit podcast Dirty John, Dr. Death is a story about a charming surgeon, 33 patients, and a spineless system. Reported and hosted by Laura Beil.

'Over My Dead Body'

An Amazon Music Podcast cover.

Over My Dead Body is an anthology series about people who are pushed beyond their limits and do unspeakable things. In Season Four, “Gone Hunting,” Mike Williams vanishes on a hunting trip. Authorities presume he was eaten by alligators, but one woman begins to suspect the true predators may lurk much closer to home. It sets her on a tireless crusade to uncover what really happened to Mike.

Season Two of 'Amazon Music Live' premieres on September 21.

'MrBallen Podcast: Strange, Dark & Mysterious Stories'

An Amazon Music Podcast cover.

After surviving a near-death experience in Afghanistan, John Allen turned to storytelling. The Navy SEAL, better known as MrBallen, discovered his passion for true crime. MrBallen Podcast: Strange, Dark & Mysterious Stories explores chilling stories and cryptic mysteries.

'MrBallen’s Medical Mysteries'

An Amazon Music Podcast cover.

The human body is a miracle. But when it’s not working, it can be the stuff of nightmares. On this new series from master storyteller MrBallen, we’re sharing medical horror stories and diagnostic mysteries that are surgically calibrated to make your blood run cold. Listen to MrBallen’s Medical Mysteries ad-free on Amazon Music and everywhere you get your podcasts beginning October 17.

'I Hear Fear'

An Amazon Music Podcast cover.

Nothing is as terrifying as the sounds we hear in the dark. The slow creak of a door opening late at night ... or a whisper in a room when you thought you were alone ... or a distant scream in the wind. One noise at the wrong time or place can scare us for days. Each episode of I Hear Fear plunges the listener into a tale inspired by real events, from a deadly dance party to a cursed film set. Join host and two-time Oscar nominee Carey Mulligan for six immersive stories designed to jangle your nerves and haunt your dreams. Listen to I Hear Fear early and ad-free right now with Wondery+, or wherever you get your podcasts beginning October 16.

Scary-good games from Prime Gaming

Amazon Halloween entertainment content.

Amazon Prime members can visit the Prime Gaming website throughout October to claim several seasonal games (see below for more details). Additionally, Prime Gaming is offering a coven of Halloween skins, in-game currency and more for several popular games, including Call of Duty: Warzone and Modern Warfare II, Dead by Daylight, and Diablo IV.

'Ghostwire: Tokyo'

Available until November 2
After deadly supernatural forces vanish the population of Tokyo in an instant, face the unknown and use an arsenal of elemental abilities against the spirits prowling the streets to unravel the dark truth behind the disappearance of Tokyo’s population.


Available until November 8
Step into a nightmarish Halloween-themed realm, where players must navigate ominous environments, unravel eerie puzzles, and confront terrifying creatures.

The Oscar winning actors star in Prime Video's new David vs. Goliath tale.

‘The Coma 2: Vicious Sisters - Deluxe Edition’

Available October 12 to November 15
Navigate an abandoned school teeming with vengeful spirits and grotesque creatures, as players must confront these harrowing horrors and unearth the school’s dark secrets.

‘Monster Prom 2: Monster Camp’

Available October 12 to November 15
Dive into this zany Halloween-themed dating simulator set in a hilariously scary camp environment, as players navigate the world of monster romance, humor, and bone-chilling fun.

‘The Textorcist’

Available October 19 to November 22
Step into a Halloween-inspired world, as players take on the role of a professional exorcist utilizing a blend of typing skills and supernatural horror, confront demonic forces, and unravel an eerie narrative in this gripping and unique top-down gaming experience.

Thrilling stories from Prime Reading

Amazon Halloween entertainment content.

Add the new Creature Feature collection to your must-read list for the season. Read eerie, original stories from top best-selling authors Joe Hill, Grady Hendrix, Josh Malerman, Paul Tremblay, Jason Mott, and Chandler Baker—free with Prime Reading.

Learn more about Prime Video, Amazon Music, Prime Gaming, and Prime Reading today, and sign up or start a free trial of Amazon Prime.

*Survey conducted by Wakefield Research for Prime Video among 1,000 U.S. adults aged 18+