Prime Video’s award-winning series The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel stars Rachel Brosnahan as Miriam “Midge” Maisel, who faces ups and downs as a former 1950’s-era housewife pursing her passion and building a career as a stand-up comedian. Set in New York City during the ‘50s and ‘60s, the series has an incredible cast, including Caroline Aaron and Kevin Pollak, who play Midge’s former in-laws, Shirley and Moishe Maisel.

As the fifth and final season of the beloved show begins, we caught up with the actors to learn more about what fans can expect, and what they will miss most about their characters.

Midge will take her final bow in a seven-week send off. Here's everything we know about Season Five, plus the official trailer.

What can we look forward to this season?

Pollak: More hilarity, more truth, a lot of extraordinary storylines, more surprises, the universe expanding. Every season, Amy [Sherman-Palladino, creator and executive producer] and Dan [Palladino, executive producer] figure out a way for all those things to happen. And we believe, rather passionately, that they've done an extraordinary job bringing this particular portion of the story to a conclusion.

Aaron: It's bigger than ever. This show has always had such scope. That's the thing that's been so remarkable about it. And every year, our creators wanted to challenge themselves to make it bigger and better. Then, there's a pandemic, and we know we can't have thousands of people on the set, and we have to be very careful. And I'm thinking, ‘Well, I guess it'll be talking heads in the kitchen, or it'll be a lot of intimate scenes.’ They deliver the first script to us for Season Four, and it's at Coney Island on the Wonder Wheel. And I went, ‘OK, they have no intention of calming down.’ And so, for the fifth and final season, I think they went wild.”

A scene of Amazon's original series "The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel."

What's it been like working with Prime Video on the series?

Aaron: We've been so well-treated. It's been so wonderful in that way. And it's a great platform. I'm on it all the time. I have to say, I'm proud of this show.

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Pollak: The creative freedom that was given to Amy and Dan—and ultimately then to us, the actors—has been historically amazing. … That sort of freedom, and the amount of time and care that was given to every episode, was not something any of us were used to.

It’s the final season, what are you going to miss about your characters?

Pollak: The ridiculous amount of fun it was on a daily basis. And you're just getting to be these crazy people.

Aaron: To be able to play somebody who is so unfiltered. Who has no self-consciousness. Imagine being able to go through your life and never doubt yourself, and say whatever you're thinking.

Pollak: What a joy this has been.

A scene of Amazon's original series "The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel."

What's the last item you ordered from Amazon?

Aaron: I ordered four pairs of walking shoes, that also might look nice. I hope they'll all be there when I get home today, because we have a lot of press to do, and I have no time to shop.

Pollak: Same is true with me—and these pants.

The first three episodes from Season Five of The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel will be released on Prime Video April 14. Here's how you can watch.