Strength in numbers
More than 300,000 U.S.-based small- and medium-sized businesses started selling on Amazon n 2017.
Success stories
We don't choose our passions—our passions choose us. Get published. Write a screenplay. Sell to millions of customers around the world. Build the next hot startup. Start your career.

Serving up solutions while roping in business

After building his own company on the backbone of Amazon and recently relocating, former Marine diver and parachutist Sean Brownlee now helps fellow veterans and other entrepreneurs navigate the online retail waters—no matter where they’re located.

Mom's 'Big Dots of Happiness' bring success

She started selling her hadcrafted items at craft fairs, then decided to try selling her products online.

Former soldiers discover a new business right beneath their feet

These U.S. veterans are now in the business of creating jobs in war-torn countries by manufacturing flip flops out of combat boots

Lisa Dolezal's bet on herself

After leading companies as an employee, she decided to work for herself and launch Fieldworks Supply Company.

The library saved this future author

Barry C. Davis grew up loving books. When he followed his dream of becoming a writer, Kindle Direct Publishing helped him reach his growing community of readers.

Planning for positivity

Battered by an exhausting sickness, Michael Leip made himself a notebook to stay optimistic and organized. It went on to become the best-selling personal organizer on Amazon.

"I Have Space" helps dad support his daughter's education

Amreek Singh shares how Amazon India's "I Have Space" program makes it possible for him to invest in his store and save for his family's future.
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Sibling revelry: Three brothers and a sister hand-craft a custom furniture business

A family philosophy provides the foundation for success on Amazon.

There’s opportunity anywhere you live

A rural Idaho mom built a business on Amazon without leaving the land she loves.

The rise and shine of Bling Jewelry

How one woman's passion for affordable jewelry grew into a multi-million dollar business on Amazon.
What's in a name?
Bigfoot, Houdini, and Nessie have all taken up
residence on Amazon’s Seattle campus.
But how did they end up there?
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