A four-pawed step for a corgi, one giant leap for workplace culture
Rufus' human parents remember life with Amazon's first canine staffer. Continue Reading
Preparing for your interview
Learn more about Amazon's peculiar culture and prepare for your Amazon interview.

What's it like to interview at Amazon?

Discover our peculiar interview ways, what to expect, and how to prepare.

Our Leadership Principles

Our Leadership Principles aren't inspirational wall hanging. These Principles work hard, just like we do.

How Amazon hires

The story (and song) behind Amazon’s Bar Raiser Program

Get that job: How to land an internship at Amazon

Tips and tricks from our University Recruiting Team.

Q&A with Verjeigh McMillon

An interview with an Amazon recruiter involved in our Black Employee Network.

On interviewing at Amazon

Focus on scope, complexity, recency, and relevancy.

What we look for in new hires

A leadership recruiter shares insights from Alexa Shopping leaders.

Working with your recruiter

How to prepare for that first recruiter conversation when applying to Amazon.

Interview & job tips for interns and recent college grads

Got your sights set on working for Amazon, but have no idea how to get hired? We’ve rounded up some great insights and tips for interns, new graduates, and even those already in the workforce.

The nation's largest job fair

Amazon expects to hire thousands on Jobs Day.

Q&A with Ayesha Harper

Meet the director of Private Brands at Amazon.
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Sit, stay, play

How much does Amazon love dogs? Just ask one of the 6,000 pups that “work” here.

Cleared for takeoff

Amazon pays for classes so employees can pursue careers in high-demand fields like aerospace.

45,000 and counting

Amazon now has more than 45,000 employees in our hometown, Seattle. Discover why our employees joined, why they stay, and why their ID badges aren't all the same color.
Catalyst for growth
How Amazon’s urban campus revitalized a Seattle
neighborhood, and created nearly 100,000 new jobs.
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